Frog (2014) by jiasaykea

Frog (2014)


26 March 2017 at 09:19:56 MDT

Part of the Sky Above Earth Below Oracle Deck I created in 2014. Mixed Media

Frog (Cleansing, Transformation)
Frog hops as it goes along its way. Frogs are easily the most recognizable amphibian. Because of their link with water frogs became symbolic of cleansing. Frogs will lay their eggs in the water. Once hatched, these tadpoles will continue to live there. The largest transformation occurs when tadpoles transition into frogs. This step of the process is quick, sometimes lasting only a day or so. This extreme physical transformation linked frog to the spiritual symbolism of transformation. It is, as an adult, that frog will find its ecological niche. Some frog species stay in, or near, the water, while others live in trees. Frogs may seem defenseless, but have many attributes to protect it. Some frogs use camouflage to blend in; while others use powerful legs to hop away quickly. Some frogs even employ the use of poison to deter predators. The call, or croak of frog is unique to its species and some can even be heard over a mile away. These calls are used to attract a mate; returning frog to the water to lay eggs and begin a new cycle of transformation.

Frogs are often portrayed as ugly and clumsy, but of also having hidden talents. The tale of ‘The Frog Prince’ uses this device to show that beauty is only skin deep. In Egypt, frogs were a symbol of fertility and life. The appearance of frogs after the inundation of the Nile each year prompted the worship of a frog goddess called Heget (sometimes Heket). Many Native American cultures believed that that the song of frog brought the rain and thunder. Frogs are often linked to mythologies of weather in this way. In Celtic myth, frogs are seen as having medicinal properties. The skin of a frog is so sensitive it was considered magical, able to help develop sensitivity in others. Poison frogs had a use in certain cultures as a weapon; arrows were coated in frog secretions in order to poison enemies. Frog legs are eaten as food in European (mostly French) cuisine; also popular in Asian countries such as China. The expression 'to have a frog in one's throat' as a way of explaining a hoarse voice; related to the sound of a frog’s croak.

When frog hops into a reading it may be time for a transformation to occur. Are you feeling waterlogged, becoming bogged down, or drowning in emotions? Are you unwilling to wipe the 'mud' out of your life? Where are you in your cycle of transformation? Frog is linked to the element of water and the qualities that element represents.

Stars and Constellations
Power of Water and Sound, Croak with Confidence, Hidden Beauty, Secret Medicine, Growth

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