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Dragoness' Kiss (commissionfor wyatt53) by Jeschke

Dragoness' Kiss (commissionfor wyatt53)

Dragoness' Kiss (commissionfor wyatt53)


Alright! Bet you thought I was dead, huh? :B Well, not dead, just....busy. Anyway, amidst all the fun of the last while I've been working this commission out, and I can only hope it's okay since it's the first one that was done on my new computer, which has some things a little different audio-wise. But I think it turned out alright?

At any rate, this was a commission for wyatt53, a bit of friendlier nomming of the listener by a feral dragoness much larger than them. Then a nap in the stomach, and being brought back up after said nap. So a few new things on top of the new computer, like for one I've never done much of anything with a creature as big as the one depicted here, or regurgitation, or something as simple as the sound of a large creature moving. Lots of fun things to try out. Well, kind of frustrating when they didn't turn out right, but then fun when they were better figured out.

Also, I didn't hear much of a difference, but I had to turn the quality down a tad to fit the mp3 on here. It's at 224kbps, which is better than the 160kbps for FA, but if you hear any weird audio hiccups or noises that don't sound right, lemme know so I can look into it/stick a higher-quality mp3 up elsewhere.

Anyway, enough of me rambling. Here's a synopsis/description for it, so, hope you enjoy and all! :3

0:00 - You've been walking for several minutes down into the depths of a dark cave, following the trail of illuminative crystals you know so well. The cold dampness all through the air (and on the cave walls, from the water dripping everywhere) hardly bothers you, though, considering where you're headed. And while most would avoid the deep, echoing breathing of a sleeping dragon, you know two things. One, it's a dragoness, and two, you and her are good friends and have met like this many times before.
0:15 - Speaking of which, now that you're nearby, she seems to notice your presence, and stirs awake. Her size is all the more evident as she sits up and lifts her head for a mighty yawn, before coming back down to examine you. Her head is a good bit larger than you, to the point where you imagine you could get caught in her nostril if she sniffed you hard enough. With her black scales and red underbelly, she blends into the darkness enough that you sometimes forget her size until you're up close again like you are now.
0:33 - She's happy to see you, though, and exhales a warm breath over you as she opens her mouth wide, not for a yawn, but to show off her mouth. The long expanse of her maw spreads out in front of you, deep and inviting and able to comfortably hold a good few people your size inside of it. You'd wager she could eat several people, too, from how her stomach is growling. Her hot breath isn't exactly sweet-smelling, but the heat is better than the cold cave air, keeping you warm as you watch her salivating, slowly swaying her tongue in excitement..
0:52 - She closes her mouth with a puff of air, right in front of you, but it isn't long before her lips are parting again so she can sample your taste with a few broad licks. She used to knock you over when she did so, but nowadays you can brace yourself for the large tongue stroking over you.
1:11 - With a warm sigh, her jaws relax open in a slight gape, and her tongue drapes out of her mouth before starting to slide around your head, then down to your shoulders, continuing down around your body in a hot, wet, saliva-heavy coiling that has her occasionally slurping just to clear excess drool from her mouth.
1:30 - Once she has you secured, she gives you a peck on the top of the head, and seems to have an idea, because she comes down for another kiss, but her lips purse and grab the top of your head with a snug suction..
1:33 - Instead of simply lifting you up and pulling you in, you're suddenly slurped up between her lips like you were being sucked up a straw, the power of her slurping overpowering the tightness of her lips so that you slide into her mouth with a small *pop
! Now it's much darker, and much, much warmer for you, as you lay on the front half of her uncoiled tongue as it rests beneath you. Her breathing almost seems to echo in the fleshy chamber, or maybe it's just that resonant, while you can hear dull splats of saliva dripping or falling to the bottom of her mouth. Her tongue slowly moves beneath you, sliding you to and fro with the sort of care you'd give a chocolate you were savoring, while you can barely hear a slight purring from deeper within her body.
2:02 - Not satisfied with simply holding you, her tongue slides out from underneath you, and rolls over top of you, making sure you're completely coated in saliva for the journey ahead. She even squishes you between either cheek, though with enough care that you aren't worried about grazing yourself on her teeth or being crushed by her tasting. Now soaked with drool, you can only wait for her to decide to move you onwards. You don't have much control of this situation.
2:25 - The mouth tips forward, and you slowly slide down her tongue, quickly picking up speed, and neatly sliding down the back of her tongue as she swallows, pulling you deep into her throat with natural ease. With her neck as long (and spongy) as it is, you slide for several seconds before slowing down, like a small break in the slide downwards before another gulp firmly pushes you forward again. Her heart goes by, and lungs, somewhere above/beside/by you on your journey deep into her body, very much reminded of how you're something around snack-size for her.
2:48 - Finally, you hit the stomach, the sealed digestive chamber tucked inside her. Already, her stomach has been secreting liquids and enzymes to begin the process of melting you down, and you can feel the slick undulation of muscle around you that pushes gasses up into her throat, released as a belch that resonates in the walls around you.. You're being treated like a snack, her body reacting naturally to what it saw as food that was swallowed down to be digested. Only, you didn't have anything to worry about. A long while ago, she'd put a charm on you, so that her stomach couldn't do anything but leech a few nutrients from you. Sap some energy. It was a good way to satisfy her hunger, and all you had to do was take a nap inside her stomach. Hardly very bad. So you can enjoy the little pulsations of flesh and muscle around you, the thumping heartbeat and breathing above you, the liquids slowly accumulating inside there.. You're pretty privileged, being allowed inside her without it being fatal, but that's one of the perks of being a close friend of a dragoness, really.
3:43 - Her footsteps are probably rumbling and echoing in the cavern she was sleeping in, but from where you're at, you can only barely hear them off to your sides. More noticeable to you is the slimy liquid dripping from the stomach walls, and the slight it was making at the bottom of her stomach. Or in other words, where you're sitting. Not that you were planning on taking a bath today, but you probably should have figured you'd be getting one like this when you visited her today.
4:06 - You hit the ground...or, well, she hits the ground as she sprawls out. You're underneath scales and flesh and muscle, you don't really feel the impact. Even if you were tossed around by her flopping down on her stomach, the walls are squishy enough that you'd just dimple them as they absorbed the impact. Ironically enough, you're in more danger of being hurt when you're -not- inside a dragon's stomach. Or at least, this one's stomach. Even with the digestive juices bubbling and the winkled stomach walls forming an organic cage and blanket around you, she essentially has you in her care right now.
4:35 - Not that her stomach really cares that much, or knows that it can't digest you. Now that she's relaxing, the churns and little undulations of her stomach walls are growing stronger, trying to break you down like any other piece of meat. It's a good thing she can at least siphon some nutrition out of you, otherwise the stomach would probably grow worse than the little churning it was doing. It's sort of like you're getting hugged by a big, wet cushion, one that's thankfully soft enough to avoid smothering you. You could always start rubbing at the stomach walls to try and relax them, but now that digestion's kicked in, you'd probably just excite it into more action. And you'd hate to slide further into her body and be trapped inside her for even longer. You're going to have to ride this out before the stomach calms down again.
5:20 - She seems to be relaxing for now, just enjoying you inside her, which means her stomach is able to pay more attention to you too. The rolling churns massage your body, almost kneading it like dough, the alternation between squeezing and relaxing settling into a steady rhythm.. Besides the protective spell starting to pull energy from you, you're relaxing naturally as her stomach works, letting it push you gently to and fro or tense underneath you for a quick churn.. It's hard to tell, but you might be hearing her breathing getting softer as well? Or maybe that's you starting to nod off. The world is starting to get kinda fuzzy..?
5:56 - You slowly nod off admist your dragoness friend's stomach churning around you, safely and comfortably tucked away inside her. If you could tell her goodnight, you would...but the belch you stir up is probably all she's going to get from you. So you let her stomach ease you into slumber, imagining how she's probably petting over her stomach right now. . .
6:18 - . . . . . . And it feels like no time has passed at all before you're waking up again. The relaxed state you're in, though, and the ease in which you can stir yourself awake, it must have been a few long hours of you being massaged and....well, "tenderized" might not be the word you want to use, but it still applies. The stomach's calmed down at this point, though it's still squeezing you every so often, and sometimes when they squeeze inwards, you almost feel a bit of vibration running through them from the deep purring resonating through her body. Though that doesn't last long before..
6:42 - She stirs and wakes up as well. Did you spend the whole night in here? Or maybe she just took a nap? Either way, her body is kicking back into gear, and some stagnant gas inside her stomach is pushed upwards into her throat, released as a heavy belch a few moments later. She's either reminded of your taste, or maybe of the fact that you were in there, and you can't tell by her giggling which it is.
7:07 - The stomach slowly grows still around you, and tenses up, while she makes several gross hacking noises from her throat.. Welp, seems like it's that time. In the next second, your body is forced upwards, back into her throat, and you're rushing upwards with the throat walls behind you, pushing and clenching and keeping you heading straight back up..
7:16 - Her breathing is so much louder when it's coming up the throat behind you, and her mouth feels all the huger when compared with the stomach you've been inside for the last....however long. Once you've slid to a stop on her tongue, you're free to stretch out for a few moments while she lazily rolls her tongue from side to side, apparently finding you delectable even when you have a bit of "stomach" taste to you.
7:36 - Eventually, all nice stays inside dragonesses must come to an end, and you're slowly released feet-first back into the open world, landing on your butt on the floor of the semi-dark cave she lurks in. Even with the dim light, you have to squint from the sudden shift in light. Bit of a side effect of being in total darkness for a while, it'll take you a few minutes to adjust your eyesight again.
7:48 - Your dragoness friend is laying on the ground behind you, and after giving you a slow slurp over the back of your head, she lays her head down on the ground beside you and shifts her body to be a little closer to you. Every breath she takes rumbles through your body, as does her purring as she nuzzles the side of her head against you. You still feel pretty small with her sometimes, even when you're filling her stomach up, but it's at least nice to cuddle on the outside of her stomach every once in a while. Though given how her stomach is grumbling every so often... You have the feeling you might not be spending too long out in the fresh air, so you'll have to enjoy it as much as you can before whenever she decides to slurp you up again..*

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    God this is some beautiful-sounding work, you should be working in sound design for something professional for how well you do these.

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    This is probably my favorite work of yours by far.