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Drawn In

Drawn In


31 August 2015 at 20:06:02 MDT

Headphones recommended!

Alternate version with hum // Alternate version with no hum or music

Had a good bit of fun doing this one, it was done after honorablethief honorablethief gave me the idea and I was basically like "oh god okay yeah that's gonna happen". :3

There are definitely some things in there that had to be tested out and played with....most notably, the hypnosis. For this one, I tried having drone-y music in there in place of a soft hum, something akin to the stuff in ante ante's Jajuka Hypnotism game. I might upload an alternate version with just a solid hum in place of the music later. Besides that, found a good few sounds since the last audio clip, so, enjoy! :3

0:00 - It's another hot, sticky day in the jungle, same as any other day in there, it seems. You've taken refuge under a tree, just to try and catch your breath a little bit.
0:10 - A low hiss catches at the edge of your hearing, before an amused voice reaches you. From a small distance away, you can see a rather large snake approaching, gazing over your body, smacking its lips.....does it realize that you can hear it? Regardless, you're speechless, just watching for the next move it makes. You're sure you can handle yourself if it makes good on its words.
0:24 - While you were staring at its head, you failed to notice the end of its tail curling around your leg. That's an easy enough coil to take off...and the one he gets around your arm, too. After offering his 'assistance', though, you can feel the heavy weight of his coils sink in around your chest, a weighty lasso he'd thrown over top.
0:36 - While struggling against the squeezing coils that press in against your body, more and more slip over top of you. You look up, thinking he's going to strike, and catch his eyes, which are now shimmering in a flowing pattern of yellows and greens and blues... You suddenly find yourself growing tired, complacent to his words, staring deeper and deeper as your feelings fade away, your sense of the outside world, your feelings of danger, the need to escape.. All of those seem unnecessary now, you were happy to relax in the serpent's grip, grinning like a dope all the while. His snakey speech flows effortlessly into your ears, causing you to grin and nod, while his coils hug your body, pulling it away from the jungle floor.. Now seated on a tree branch, away from where anyone could disturb the two of you, you're nearly asleep in his coils, the serpent's eyes dominating your view, his head right in front of yours, tongue flicking out to tap your nose.. You feel nothing but calm, even though you should be struggling and violently fighting your way free..
1:32 - The murky haze of the world fades away into black, a warm, welcoming, fleshy black, that ripples over top of your head in squishy waves. Massaging muscles ease you down as your body is slowly kneaded deeper, shoulders and chest, belly, hips, all sliding in.. You even wriggle your way in deeper once the snake releases your legs, anxious to curl up inside and rest.. You were so tired, so happy, and the snake's stomach would be a perfect sleeping bag for you. Once you feel his jaws sliding around your feet, and the fleshy walls hug all around your body, you're pressing your way in deeper with each swallow, wriggling with the downward-kneading motions of his throat to tuck yourself in deeper and deeper.. Only when the throat stops and the stomach begins do you relax, suspended somewhere in a hanging section of the snake's coils.
2:10 - Eventually, though, the snake's powerful hypnotic stare starts to fade.. You slowly become aware of the tightness of the walls around you, the moistness in the air, the slick slime that's coating your body.. How'd you even get yourself in here? The last while is all but a fuzzy part of your memory now, leaving you in the present. All you could really remember was the snake, and his eyes....and given your current squishy surroundings, you can venture a guess as to where you went. You try to feel around the belly, pushing out of the walls, trying to wriggle backwards, or even forwards...but kept in the crook of the coils like this, hanging off the side of the branch, each section of coils leads up and around, and one slimed-up body plus gravity equals you not going anywhere. You can hear the muffled snickers reverberating down the body around you, almost tempting you to relax again.. seems the snake's power wasn't necessarily in his eyes, but his voice as well.
2:51 - The snake begins to softly sing to himself, a tempting melody that drifts into your ears from all around.. Even though you hardly wanted to give in a second time, weakly struggling against the snake's stomach walls, you could feel your body slowly beginning to relax again. The dull burbling of his belly don't seem to panic you as much as they should, or the soft clenching of the walls around you, it just feels like perhaps, you should sleep this off.. Maybe you'll wake up safe again, maybe you'll just wake up in the belly again, maybe you'll never wake up, but it doesn't matter much to you.. Your senses once again fade as the serpent's song takes root and whisks you off to a calm, deep sleep.

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