Helly-Elias - master of elements-gift by (Jeka)

Helly-Elias - master of elements-gift


18 May 2019 at 17:08:30 MDT

Gift for my friend BlackDragon07 (sorry-I don't know how this is put your icon) Yay - finally!=D
I'm sorry sorry for the delay!-_- I could not put this gift for a long time( It was already drawn in April!0.0 I just had problems and I could not scan it in time:(
I LOVE too much this character!!!<3 I love dragons
I drew it according to the old ref^^" So, I hope you like it^^ And I hope all right?0.0
I love the combination of red and green.
Drawn when I listen to Maximum The Hormone))

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    This link will help you with the icon display^^ https://www.weasyl.com/help/markdown just scroll down to find it.

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      Oh THANKS^^ I'm too stupid-_-

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        You're not stupid, I didn't know how to either when I first got here way back.^^

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          No - I'm stupid)) You are here later than me and you know everything!
          How did you know this?)

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            Hrmm I don’t quite remember I’m afraid. :( just make sure to bookmark it incase you need it again.^^