DOOM vs AC by JaxxBlackFox



27 March 2020 at 20:03:01 MDT

....I'm, just gonna put this right here. >> <<'....

Not hatin' on AC!! I love that so many have found joy in it given our current world events. Do what gives you the most joy folks! But my poor social media feeds! R.I.P!

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    IMHO its because AC is new and shiny.
    I never could get into Doom (mostly because I died all the time),
    But there are days when, no amount of "relaxing" music is as soothing for the soul as 5 minutes of power metal.

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      Everyone dies all the time in DOOM, that's what DOOM is. I grew up playing classic Doom and I still die a ton if I'm not paying attention. The new ones, are meat-grinders. But that's what they're supposed to be. I ain't the best at newer FPS's but I try.

      As for AC. I just thought it was funny that MY social media feeds would be flooded like they were. I even had to block the words animal crossing to get some peace! lol

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        The funny thing is, right now I'm playing AC, but I just am quiet about the games I play. Usually. I have to have something I'm pretty sure is outside the realm of normal happen in a game, before I show it off.

        there are some games where everybody said it's totally awesome, but the first rung of the difficulty curve is out of my reach.
        DOOM was once of them. I kept dying to the first zombies in the first room. I never got to see any other part of the game. This is what I mean by dying all the time.

        Granted, that was a LOOONG time ago. I was 13 and really pretty disturbed by the demons, LOL.

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          My brother introduced me to the game, I think he was 11 or 12 at the time and first played it on his friend's computer. Later we went to LAN centers to play it until we had our own PC and of course, got it on console. (That and Quake... lol, that was fun too.) We'd play for hours. We had most versions. PC, PlayStation, Atari Jaguar... Only versions I didn't play were the Nintendo exclusives and Doom 3.

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    I'm still laughing at this