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By The Traveler by Jasper_Shiba

By The Traveler


This was a long time in the makin'! Back at the start of November when Destiny 2 was free for a short time, Ferin and I nabbed a copy of it; I played it during the beta and had been trying to find games to fill the void that left ever since. It was the perfect opportunity to get into Destiny - and it's a game we can play together, an experience we both cherish. While I have MUCH more time logged into the game than him (having even purchased the DLCs too), but when we do play together we both have an absolute blast. I main Titan when in a fireteam, and his Warlock game is on-point. For this piece, we went through my collection and selected armor and shaders we found aesthetically pleasing, even if we didn't own all of it already.

The poses themselves were older stress-relief pieces done during the school year, which I decided to mash together to make this. I then covered our nude bodies in the selected outfits, added a background more detailed than any previous work of mine - hell, I must've spent a good two weeks on that thing alone! Absolutely worth it, and I learned a lot from the experience to boot. I wanted this whole thing done by New Years, but Ferin wanted to hammer out the long-pending details of his Sona's update, updates reflected here!

All in all easily my best piece to date; while I still like the Christmas piece done last year more in anatomy and composition, the colors, armor, background, and lighting of this one I'm all extremely proud of. 

Also because I'm a completionist here's our exact (visible) loadouts and their shaders:

Ashen Wake Gauntlets, Frumious Blue
Exodus Down Chest, Frumious Blue
Starcrossed Footsteps, Frumious Blue
Dragonfly Regalia Mark, Frumious Blue

Claws of Ahamkara, N/A
High-Minded Complex Cloak, Midnight Talons
High-Minded Complex Boots, Midnight Talons

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