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Ferin Model Sheet 2019 by Jasper_Shiba

Ferin Model Sheet 2019


After much work, many iterations, and lotsa experimentation, we finally nailed down a new take on Ferin's adorable fox! Let's go through the changelog!

Ferin Version 1.2, January 2019

*Redrew eyes, reducing uncanny valley effect by 95%
*Removed nipples, increasing SFW by 20%
*Removed black fur wrapping around bottom of peets, increasing cuteness by 10%
*Updated ear design, increased anatomical accuracy by 30%
*Shortened neck, removed hidden nope.avi trait
*Shortened arms, removed hidden Lanky Kong trait
*Removed arrow on back and stripe on tail, decreasing complexity of back shots by 80%
*Redid beans, increasing cuteness by 20%
*Redrew major parts of head structure, increasing cuteness by 20%
*Tightened up fur patterns on face and redid main tuft, increasing design quality by 50%
*Extended blue fur on biceps and thighs, increasing total blue percentage by 15%
*Redid tail slightly, decreasing floof by 10%
*Removed crotch blue fur, improving quality of [redacted]
*Removed tail, headshot, and earring refs, as they were deemed redundant
*Added clothed ref as response to owner feedback
*Added extra earrings to right ear, increasing style by 10%
*Redrew pecs to look less flat, increasing anatomical accuracy by 15%
*Changed background color and text box, increasing visual cohesion
*Changed font and data, removed unneccesary words
*Changed palette to diamond

I don't know why I did a largely pointless changelog
Just for fun I guess lol
Anyway, glad to have it done - gonna need it this April in my special plans for our anniversary~

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