Chelsea's hypnotic curves (Gift for Satsumalord) by Jasmine-Redkat

Chelsea's hypnotic curves (Gift for Satsumalord)


11 March 2015 at 14:21:26 MDT

A gift art for the awesome satsumalordI've been a huge fan of the bombastic, ultra pair shaped, bootylicious skunk gal, Chelsea. Knowing she can be flirty and loves to show off her hypnotic curves. She felt like giving the cute looking plus size clothing store clerk a little tease as she's out at a local mall shopping. She holds up a pair of jeans and goes over to him, asking if they have one in her size. To which I'm sure they will. I'm sure the store clerk would gladly eagerly help her out. That is if he can take his eyes off those thuner thighs, huge wide smooth hips and gigantic bubble rump of hers while he's at it. I doubt anyone could resist her curves for that long. Will he be able to contain himself long enough? Or find himself drooling, blushing as he's hypnotised by her. Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope he likes it. I've been and always will be a fan of his works ^^ Hope you all enjoy Chelsea in all her glory. Hopefully she doesn't break his mind with those massive assets of hers, but you never know.

Chelsea is owned by satsumalord

Art done by JasmineRedkat

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