Hey hello yeah I'm Jack

I am currently open to potential commissions, but I -may- decline given that I am often away from home or without the means to really do any sketching or painting.

Same thing for trades, though those depend on my mood, and my workload. So they could be less likely to happen.

I am an artist of the procrastination variety and am prone to long times of pure inactivity, so I'm probably not dead if I haven't uploaded in a while



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on 29 July 2015 at 04:50:09 MDT

Effective in like a few hours when I finish setting up my new account, I'll be clearing out my gallery and leaving this one behind! (And then reuploading my art, or at least most of the recent stuff, to my new account! I did recently discover that I could have emailed the staff here at Weasyl to change my account name but I've already gone and made the new account so I guess this is what we're doing now :P)

Okay so a bit of a backstory here, I've been contemplating a name change specifically for my Furry art type accounts for a few reasons, mostly revolving around wanting to keep a particular degree of professional separation between hobbies I intend to take up in the future.

Nothing to do with being ashamed or anything, I'm likely still gonna be advertising my art on accounts that remain JackJackington. I just feel like expressing myself and my furry related art and interests through a new moniker, one that's a little more personal, and that I've been floating around for a good while now, will really help me clear my head a bit.

JackJackington was not a name I chose, it was given to me. Which is actually why I've stuck with it for so long, it might not be all too creative or interesting but I like it because it always feels like an actual gift that I was given by a friend. I'll be using it for quite a few things yet, just not art :P

From now on, I'll be operating under the name Sidhenearlahi, pronounced the way I wrote it in the title for this journal, a name I chose because it belongs in part to the title of a song I listen to without fail whenever I draw. It became a tradition and it has always seen me through, always put me in a good mood, and I would say is an intrinsic part of my artistic process

So for anyone that would care to follow me over, you will from now on find me at;

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Flat Color

Full Body
$ 45.00
Half Body
$ 35.00
$ 25.00


Full Body
$ 30.00
Half Body
$ 20.00
$ 15.00


Full Body
$ 60.00
Half Body
$ 45.00
$ 35.00


Full Body
$ 15.00
Half Body
$ 10.00
$ 5.00

Base prices do not include added details;
Clothing, backgrounds, additional
characters etc. Additional fees determined
upon contact and discussion, and vary depending on the class of the commission, and complexity of additional details.

Sketch prices are fixed, no background
options available, clothing and accessories
free of charge. Extra characters incur an additional fee of $5-$10, determined upon discussion.

I do not at this point in time take commissions for sexual content, though nudity is perfectly fine as are lightly suggestive themes and touching. No masturbation or penetration. This may, possibly even likely will, change in the future, but for now thems the rules.


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    you have some spectacular work! wow!!
    I see you do requests? is there any chance you may be able to do one for me? <3

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    Thank you very much for following me~

    I do hope you like the other art I'll be producing~

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    This site is entirely too amusing =,

    It gives me the option to ignore myself, but it won't let me.

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      Hehe, well it is still in beta. Wonder if anyone has told the mods about that yet.

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        Ah, i'm sure it's a program function, because it says "Oops, you're not allowed to ignore yourself"

        Go on. Try it =3

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    Good to see you on here <3