Hello! My name is Nova.
Welcome to my little corner of Weasyl. :3

If I don't respond to your friend request, please don't be upset! If I don't at least know who you are, I'm more than likely not gonna add you back.

And if I don't respond to comments, I'm really sorry! I read every comment and cherish them, but I have really bad anxiety and sometimes get too anxious to respond. I try to answer questions as best as I can though!


  • Transformation
  • Back to Gaya/The Snurks
  • Minecraft
  • Various headcanons
  • A severe lack of ponies
  • A severe lack of typical furries
  • Orange
  • Aliens
  • Vaguely animal-esque people
  • Monsters (probably friendly ones)
  • Original characters/story ideas
  • Fan characters



Latest Journal

Hefty Update! PLEASE READ

on 25 February 2015 at 03:58:01 MST

So the first month of my Patreon is coming up (cards don't get charged until the 1st of the month, I think?), and I'll be posting a hefty update. This one's bigger than usual because there's a lot of backlogged content I want to share with everyone. :D Including, but definitely not limited to, my A Late Night Walk WIP folder. If you wanted a look at how I planned past pages, or a sneak peek at upcoming pages, it'll all be available for only ONE DOLLAR!

Altogether I have nearly 100 images in two ZIP files so far that are going to be available via Patreon in just a few days, and I don't even have everything put together yet. I've still got a few digital sketchbooks to sift through for stuff I might not have saved outside of Photoshop or posted anywhere.

All this and more for just a dollar! Please consider supporting me!

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    Thank you very much for the watch!

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    I dig your banner, it is a cool concept

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    I. Did. Not. Realize. You. Were. On. Weasyl. So stoked!

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      I try to be a little bit everywhere, hehe. Hello!! :D

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    Hey, hope all's chill. Want you to know you are the reason I finally joined Weasyl. You're a major artistic icon for me. :)

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    Hey I found you via FA. I am really loving your aquasapiens and their viral style of reproduction, that is pretty neat. I also like your atypical furry stuff stuff too. I look forward to seeing more of your art and I hope we can be friends too. ^u^

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    Hey there! :D So... I would not be surprised At All if you've heard of this comic before, since you like TF stuff, but I figured i'd share it, just in case ^^