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Welcome to Furry Dakimakura, the first (and currently only) company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of dakimakura (i.e. Japanese body pillows) for the Furry community.

Our store is now open:


What is a "Dakimakura?"

A Dakimakura is a large body pillow intended to assist one in sleeping on their side by providing support to the legs and arms. Because this makes one look like they are hugging the pillow, in Japan, it has become traditional to print cute, sexy or popular anime characters on them. Furry Dakimakura is currently the only company which is printing and selling furry characters exclusively.

How are your Dakimakura made?

Each Dakimakura we sell is printed as a large single sheet using a fabric printer, then stitched together using an industrial sewing machine. They are individually constructed by private contractors in Hong Kong who do piece work and individual orders for the major Japanese producers. This means that you get the same high quality product from us as you do from Japanese Dakimakura producers.

What exactly do you sell?

We sell the Dakimakura (i.e. pillowcase itself) and nothing else. The pillow cases are 50cmx150cm and can be stuffed using three standard American sized pillows or one Japanese style body pillow. Because these items are large and difficult to ship, we do not stock them, and encourage you to purchase them locally, where prices will be lower than anything we could reasonably offer.

How do I take care of my Dakimakura?

Because we only hire companies that use high quality fabrics and inks, our Dakimakura are designed to last for a very long time and are machine washable. Wash them as you would delicate machine washables, and use color-safe detergents. NEVER use bleach. Tumble dry on LOW heat.

I would like to see Dakimakura featuring [Character]. Is that possible?

Furry Dakimakura is always interested in increasing its product line. If you are an artists who is interested in having your work sold by us, please e-mail furrydakimakura[at] We can't guarantee we will let anyone into our catalog, but we're happy to talk with promising new artists! If you have an artist you would like us to feature, please encourage them to contact us. We are always keen on taking up new illustrations, and all artists are paid for their work. We are also willing and able to do piece work for artists who wish to sell the product themselves.

What can't you feature?

Furry Dakimakura cannot feature "sexually explicit" art (sex acts, masturbation, sexual fluids - but nudity is OK! Just keep it R-Rated!), photographs/real life nudes or underage characters engaging in sex acts, posing in the nude, or otherwise not having clothes on. Please respect our need to stay within the law.

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    Hey dude, are you looking to employ any new artists?

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    aw :c

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    Hi, what do I need to do to become a regular design contributor?

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    Funfact: Kemono Dakimakura's (ケモノ 抱き枕 or "Kemodaki - ケモ抱き) have been around since 2003 at the least, from various different manufacturers (such as and ).

    Can't say that they are "targeted" towards the furry community, but many of the Kemono fans are furries as well, due to the anthromorphic nature of the character's/kemono's.

    With that in mind, you aren't exactly the "only" or "first" one to be doing furry themed dakimakura's, but furry fandom targeted? Yes.

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      We know we aren't the first, but we aim to be the best!

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        Your profile says otherwise.

        "We are the first (and currently only)-".