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Ask Ty: #2 by INKtiger

Ask Ty: #2


10 May 2016 at 07:26:26 MDT

I got more questions from you guys so I did more answers!

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    Watching you draw is quite entrancing really, you have gotten very adept at getting seemingly very broad sweeping strokes to very concise locations. I don't know another way to try to phrase that other than maybe your strokes seem to fall into place with minimal trial and effort. Very few undos and erasure. When you started doing digital art did you ever have the issue of lines being unsteady or kind of squiggly when you tried to put them down?

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      Thank you! ANd yes, I had HUGE problems with squiggly lines and unsteady marks. Part of that is due to the software and hardware we use when doing digital art. Some programs, like Clip Paint Studio/Manga Studio 5 and Sai have stablizer options that help to reduce that particular problem. I do use the stablizer in CPS set to about medium and I find the quicker your stroke is the smoother and steadier it comes out when you lay it down. It's just a matter of practice, and being willing to draw the same line as many time as it takes until it looks the way you want it to look!