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Noms of Jett by ilbv

Noms of Jett


Jett needs his snacks or he gets Hangry.

Throwback Thursday!
Drawn on July 16, 2013

Jett © Jett
Art & ilbv © ilbv


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    "Hey, didya find my morning milkbone yet, little human? I'm starving," growls the dog guy. "grunts No, not yet, my big buddy," replies the human guy. "There's just so much other, uh, 'stuff' in here to get past first. Don't eat me by accident, ok?" "Ok, pal. I won't. Just don't call me your 'big buddy' again," growls dog guy. "Sure thing, my good friend," says human guy. Then the dog thinks about the well-done steak he's thinking of for lunch later. He licks his lips and imagines swallowing down the juicy slab of meat. His belly budges out, and then he hears muffled shouting. "HEY, I THOUGHT I SAID NOT TO EAT ME!?!" "Oh. Uhh, oops. Sorry, couldn't help it. Well, nothin' ta do now but enjoy my meal. You were delicious, by the way. Mmm. :-)" loud muffled screams of aggravation