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Bear Bait Dessert by ilbv

Bear Bait Dessert


A Family of Dinosaurs, Appetites for Meat, A Bear, and so much Love.
Vore too. Obviously.

Grim asked me to write him another story because he loves how I write, so I have finally sat myself down to finish it. It has taken far too long, many months in fact and I had hit a wall with it and didn't want to continue. I'm glad I pushed through with Grim's encouragement to finally present to you all this story. I'm going to take a break from writing as I really want to focus on my artwork and improving my drawing skills.

Grim's Twin Brothers do not make an appearance in this story, I didn't feel an avenue in which to bring them in, so for the plot canon sake we can assume they are on a mission somewhere.

Story & ilbv © ilbv
Grim, Reckonia, Dread, and Ivan © Grim

Icon was made by me, consisting of images made by others.
The Bear was drawn by iragremka
Reckonia was drawn by zyrtex
Grim was drawn by king.the.dragon
and ilbv was drawn by Jett