Platform 24 by ilbv (critique requested)

Platform 24 (critique requested)


22 June 2017 at 21:30:58 MDT

Issac is a human trying to get his work done and live a good life, Grim is a Mercenary who seeks honor, treasure, and the destruction of evil. Their worlds are so far apart, yet these too will crash into each others lives and forever be changed, at Platform 24.

An origin story of how Grim and his family came into my life, some elements of this tale are true and based on my own real life experiences, other parts are fictitious and of my imagination with collaboration from Grim and his histories.

This is not our official meeting story, but a fun little alternate universe where we met and became the family we are today. I wrote this story based on an experience I had when I was stranded in the city with no way home, Grim was on messenger with me and helped keep me company for a while and thus formed the story. Originally I had just wanted to write one scene, but realized I needed a logical way to arrive there and how each of us would get to it, so the story literally grew itself from within and I am really happy with it, I wrote it in four days consecutively. I really hope you all enjoy it and I would love some critique and feedback.

Story & Issac © ilbv
Grim & Family © grimsaurus
Thumbnail & Cover Art © lemondeer