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Edible Snout Hugger by ilbv

Edible Snout Hugger


1 May 2017 at 00:18:41 MDT

Snout hugging is mega affectionate, and the adorableness factor skyrockets when the one who is having their snout hugged decides to slowly bring the love to a new place. What’s better? Snout Hugs, Throat Rubs, or Belly Squirms? Tough Call.

I had made this request over a year ago and even forgot about it! Thinking the artist wasn’t interested, oh well it was just a request, move on and stay happy. Then low and behold he gets in touch with me and asks if I’d still like it, so I jumped because wow! What a surprise and a great gift to both myself and big Leon here, who I massively fell smitten for when I met him many years ago under a different character. As the years have gone on we are friendly, reconnecting now-a-days, and I still care for him a lot. He has upgraded some new characters and his Leon sona has taken a turn for the micro prey life.
No matter what though, he will always be my big strong beefy lion superhero. Ready to affectionately swallow me, for times of gentle fondness and appreciation for each other. Of course I will also have to incorporate his new forms and characters into my drawings at some point. There is so much opportunity.

Art © lycovore
Leon © leonvalen
ilbv © ilbv