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Hot Spring Repose by Idess

Hot Spring Repose


Full Watercolor Painting commission for Televassi of his warrior character shedding his armor and taking a relaxing dip in a hot spring as the day turns to dusk in the mountains

This commission started out as a simple watercolor pinup, but ended up taking a life of it's own and became a full blown painting! Televassi was wonderful in letting me try some new things and it worked out wonderfully :) The piece looks stunning in real life!

9x12" Watercolor on Hot Press paper

Art © M. 'Idess' Sherwood

Submission Information

Visual / Traditional


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    Excellent use of colours, and the soft warm feel of the water looks extremely inviting. The palette in this gives it a nice cool secluded feel and the look on the wolf's face makes it feel like they are inviting you in to join them for a quick dip and a nice conversation. It's sensual but not overly sexual. Wonderfully done.

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      Thank you so much! This was the first time I've used a palette from Colourlovers and it's one of those "why didn't I do this earlier?!" sort of deals! I'm glad it comes off as sensual but not sexual, that's a great way of putting it! The client did not want the character being sexual and he's rarely seen in this sort of situation so I wanted to give off that vibe :3 Thank you for the great comment!

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    This is simply gorgeous...I love the colors!

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      Thanks Keirajo! n.n I'm happy with the color palette, too! One of my experiments this piece and I definitely will continue the technique :D

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        You are most welcome...your watercolor work is always a pleasure to look at!