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Just another anthro artist mainly sometimes will draw humans but it will most likely be fanart since I like to keep my portfolio work offline. I put all my hobby work here.
I'm a dude that lives in California and takes a fancy to punk rock, horror films, videogames, monsters, aliens, and obnoxiously bright colors.
I'm recovering from a severe illness at the moment so I might be slow to reply I'm keeping myself upbeat and positive however and I do love to talk so dont be shy.
I am mostly active on my furaffinity which shares the same username.



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    Dear crud! Holy heck, thanks fer followin me! Yer art is so rad!

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    Hey friend, I thought I had you over here. Guess not

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      Honestly I gotta use this site more fffff I didnt even know you had one either that or forgot

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        I've actually been enjoying Weasyl a bit more since a ton of artists I really like got so fed up with FA they've moved over here exclusively. My favorites section is actually a wonderful little trove of inspiration right now, which is way more than I can say for FA.

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          I think its better than FA and DA by a landslide I would use it more but its prolly cause I'm still not used to the setup. I just like how its a lot cleaner and the other sites just had some ridiculous shit going down I actually am so surprised I still have an FA like jeez. Gonna be more active on here though. but basically what you said. sums it up.

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            Yeah, the PR disaster over at FA really made me revamp my Weasyl. DA wasn't even -close- to being in the running because they're terrible with how they deal with theft and tracing which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I actually like that the browse is a lot slower than FA or DA, but that's mostly because there just aren't as many people here yet and eventually it'll pick up. I know some people have had issues with the tags and search, but usually I just browse. I have super narrow tastes for art styles and I don't have any fetishes that I'd need to look up, so I'm pretty much following most of who I'm actually interested in seeing. I'll just pick up anyone else as I go.