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Sticky. by SidFishes



3 April 2014 at 19:54:17 MDT

Did a little something different with starting this one with construction, and decided to leave it rough, and play with overlays. So here we are. I'm really trying to loosen up and just produce more art, quality will improve with frequency over time.

Anyway, this is the same hyena from earlier in my gallery, he's just changed from spotted to stripped, got a few different design updates, and he's obviously feeling much better.

He still needs a name, and I'm drawing blanks so if you can think of something that'd probably be helpful. I'm planning on drawing him a fair bit, since there is no good reason for me to not have a hyena, 'specially a snotty skatepunk hyena. I have no idea why this hasn't happened earlier, other than   schneckenbeckons has a character who would probably be good buddies with him. FA needs more shitty skaters running around being horrible.