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Hey all, its howrsesr1 from deviant art! Not much to say about myself atm.

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Through the Ages

on 20 January 2014 at 23:07:53 MST

Well, hey there everyone. I'm Howikin, Howy for short (aka howrsesr1 on deviantart). Recently my friend zinxscar directed to me to this site after that whole TLK art theft ring and basically the allowance of art theft as it was 'different than the original in cases such as alteration and tracing' as an attempt to find a secure site which would not tolerate such crimes. So far I really love this place, but I'm not here to talk about the amazing policies and art features, I'm here to give everyone who looks at my page a heads up for the iffy looking art.

I will be uploading old art on here, hopefully chronologically from oldest to newest, to give everyone a chance to see my progression through art when I first started drawing (well, not first started... but when I began to take it seriously). Recently I posted a character bio for Viza, as a warning it is incredibly lacking detail for the intense life he has lived. That drawing is fairly recent, I will be starting my timeline from a few months back from before I receive Viza, perhaps even started drawing Lion King religiously. It is a mere insight into what is going on. I may post old RPs here with consent of other players.

So yeah, just a warning. I swear I have improved from what I will be uploading, but it may take time for me to upload those. Stay tuned!

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