Kiki 3D print (for sale!) by Henrieke

Kiki 3D print (for sale!)


30 January 2014 at 12:57:32 MST

You can now buy your very own desktop-sized Kiki!

Some FAQs:

  • This is a 3D print, it comes out of the machine pretty much as-is (except for the coating), so the colors are printed as well. The colors and layer direction of each print may slightly vary.
  • The 3D model was made by the very talented TimothyBH, he did this project for fun and he did pretty much all the work. It's based on my drawings, and every now and then I gave him some directions on what to change on the model.
  • Shapeways prints on demand so if you order a figurine you need to wait a bit until the print is done. They have two locations, so it either gets shipped from Eindhoven (the Netherlands) or New York.

Buy it here!

Check out some of the other things on Shapeways as well, there's some really fun and useful stuff on there!

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    This is really really cool!

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    Wow, that is a very very impressive render and print! It really represents your designs, but in 3 dimensions. So incredible!

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    That's just too awesome! XD

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    This looks very professional

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    I saw one of these in person recently; it was very well-done! The pose is perfect for the character, too. :D

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    So cute!