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Hi guys! I'm still building up this gallery, but thanks for stopping by! There will be lots of art here soon and I think some photography as well.

I have things for sale! Go take a look at my webshop!



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(Almost) off to the US! FWA & BLFC meme

Karpour and I are leaving in a few very short days and up until then I'll be super busy, so I won't be checking these sites much anymore!
Here's a last rollcall, if you will be at either of the cons, shout out!

Some quick questions answered:

Will your book be available for sale?
Yes, it will be available at both cons! At FWA you can get it at Sofawolf's table, and at BLFC you can get it from Rabbit Valley. Be fast, because at the previous con it sold out very quickly.
I will most likely be sitting at Sofawolf's table a few times to sign!

Do you have a dealer table?
No, I will just be walking around.

Will your patches be for sale?
Not really. However, I could bring a few, so if you want to buy any please write me a message with which ones you'd like and I can bring them, no guarantees though. I might have a few on me too but since I'm not an official dealer I can't really sell stuff at the con!

Is there a good way to reach you?
Not sure yet. We will get local phone numbers, but I'm not sure yet if I'll have internet. If I do I will be tweeting at @henriekeg, @ringtailedkiki is my public account so you can write me there as well. If you know me personally (or don't care about your privacy), send me a message with your cell phone number. That way I can send you my temporary local number once I have it!

Are you hosting any panels?
No. You'll probably see me attending a few though! If you know me a bit you can probably guess where I'm at.

Are you bringing any suits?
Karpour and I are planning to bring Baseball and Dog, and puppet Kiki will join too!

Can I talk to you?
Sure! That's what I go to cons for. I can be a little shy but I'm friendly! Please don't be offended if I don't regocnise or remember you, my brain is a messy place.

Can I hug you?
Please don't randomly hug me, unless I show that it's obviously ok.

How do I regocnise you?
I am a girl, that already rules out about 90%, ha ha ha. I have long blonde hair and glasses and I'll most likely wear a badge with Kiki on it.

Can we do an art trade?
I LOVE art trades!! My time at a con is limited though so I don't always have time. But feel free to ask! Are you up for an art jam? We should totally organize an art jam!

I am absolutely not a party animal, sorry! I love just sitting and chatting/drawing with people, or going suiting, but I don't like it if it gets too loud and crowded. I don't drink any alcohol either. Don't worry, I can act stupid enough without it. I'm usually up pretty late.
I go to cons to see my friends, so please, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you wanna hang out or go do fun stuff!

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    Are you guys doing FWA this year?

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    I like you a lot C:

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    Oh Thank you so much for following! ^^ And I must say I really love your art! =D

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      Thanks! I just followed you on tumblr two days ago or so so it's funny I ran into you here!

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        Oh you're welcome! <3

        Haha ah I remenber, I followed you as well! x3 Well Im glad you did find me here too hahaha =3

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    And here I thought I was following you already. So glad you'll be posting. C: AND CONGRATULATIONS on the book release, by the way- I hope to order my own copy soon.

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    I always loved your work. Really glad you signed up so I can watch you here.

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    It's great seeing you here too!