A TIME OF INJUSTICE Part 2 A RolePlay/Story by HeartCandies (critique requested)

A TIME OF INJUSTICE Part 2 A RolePlay/Story (critique requested)


5 November 2014 at 15:22:49 MST

A RolePlay/Story by PuppyTheKat and Jordan Schnur

Firefly coudn't belive his eyes. Had something gone wrong? Why did puppy just fall out of the sky like that? He turned his jet around and started to search for puppy. It had been 10 minutes and he still coudn't find her. Had she been captured? He sent out an SOS, he knew he was going to be in trouble, but was very worried about Puppy. Justine also looking for her, with no better luck than Firefly.

Puppy looked up from the den...she was to weak to Shapeshift from her humming bird form and slowly drooped into sleep. SilverSparks plowed through the snow following their tracks while staring at the ground.."they stopped"...he felt the snow...it was covered in burn marks.. they must have used a flying device..He ran back to the base and geared up in the small helicopter often used for training missions. Acorn tagged along in the two seater. They had quickly covered the teritory when acorn said "What if they passed the border?!?"

Firefly saw something on the radar, he knew who it was. He put his pride aside, and set the course for the ship. He called Justine to do the same.

SilverSparks hovered the heli-copter next to them and rolled down the window where is Puppy? he scolwled

"I don't know. I've been looking for her for over an hour" Firefly said in reply.

SilverSparks said with comtempt in his voice." We have to go back...one team mate lost is better than the whole team we need to ask the councils advice on the matter....

"No!" Firefly said with anger. "She's lost out here, and I'm going to find her with or without you. Justine you in?" Justine replyed, "Let's do it!"

SilverSparks gave a sharp glare at Justine before giving her a raised eyebrow" You know the rules on this in section 2-b." Justine lowered her head...."You also know the punishment..." He continued she slowly joined SilverSparks "I can't abandon my post leader or the rule book....Sorry puppy..I just cant." Acorn looked away and sighed. SilverSparks gave firefly a glare..."Its been ordered by the instructors for us to come back now." He looked down at his wrist watch..."You have no choice."

"I will not do it!" Firefly ran full speed to his jet, and put SilverSparks ship into a ForceField. He got into the Jet and programed an automatic search grid, and began.

SilverSparks Gave a nasty glare "So thats how its gonna be!...Hold on tight!" he said and phased through the force feild. He quickly jumped out of the craft and onto Fireflys back he reached inside of FireFlys Throat and put the perfect amount of pressure on his wind pipe to knock him out. He loaded him into the ship and headed for the base. When they Got Back He quickly placed FireFly in solitary confinment to avoid him hurting the team or himself.."He sounded over the intercom..."Dont worry I can't even get out of there it is only activated by a secret phrase that the instructors know....And You cant control your robots in there either."

Firefly stood screaming for days, or what seemed liked days. Just wanting to go out and find puppy. He kepts replaying the last moments in his head, over and over and over.

Puppy woke up in a a small dark area hazilly....She looked up and there was an armoured gaurd standing next to her...All of a sudden Puppy started having uncontrollable spasms in her legs it threw her around inside the truck the gaurd held her down on the floor and a voice came from the cab.."Whats going on back there?" The female gaurd called back "Reaction to the sedatives one sec..." BANG!!! The driver called back " you okay?" A long pause filled the air... "Dont worry shes out for the count...I'll tie her up." They soon arrived at some snow base... And approached a man on a long cloak .."This was a dead or alive right?" The driver said. "Yes, Illusion bring the body.... he said before handing the driver his money than leaving with illusion and Puppys body draped over her back. Back at the base The ice marshall opened the door and light covered Fireflys face..."I have some bad news...you know... he sat down next to him.. that upon arival each of you were installed with a tracking device that monitors your body and health...well Puppys went out cold this morning...I thought you should be the first to know...as you were the closest to her some might say even closer than she was to shredder who originally saved her life when she arrived.... Because of this unfortunate accident your rank has been moved up to B-4 Beta until further notice I'll let you inform your team mates he said walking out.

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