A TIME OF INJUSTICE Part 1 A RolePlay/Story by HeartCandies (critique requested)

A TIME OF INJUSTICE Part 1 A RolePlay/Story (critique requested)


5 November 2014 at 15:19:29 MST

The adventures of B-4

A RolePlay/Story by PuppyTheKat and Jordan Schnur
Bee sat with her back on the seat of the couch and her legs in the air. Her arms were tightly crossed in a stubborn fashion. Her crooked teeth were clenched and her thick eyebrows lowered in to a angry scowl as she stared at the ceiling.

Firefly ran in screaming, "The mayor is getting eaten by a giant octopus! We need to go now."Firefly got suited up and was ready to go.

Bee threw her legs over her head flipping over the couches seat. Then launched herself into the air and levitated over to firefly. YAY! She yelled I love these training ecersices. She jetted through the air to the training hall. Puppy and Justine were already there.

Firefly followed bee, and pulled a chair up to the holographic computer. Punched in some stuff and the program began. A giant octopus jumped at puppy

Puppy jumped over the arm and morphed into a cheetah and ran up the octopus's arm and struck the octopus's large head with extended claws. Bee flew up and started kicking the octopus but was quickly seized by a large suction cup.

Firefly jumped up and struct the octopus in the arm, another arm grabbed him. After a few moments with all his might he broke free and tried to help bee again and managed to let her loose.

Justine jumped up and shot several arrows and yelled clear before the arrows exploded one knocked off an arm and the other hit the head and blew puppy right into the wall stunning her momentarily.

Firefly saw the moment where we could win this. He yelled to Bee and Justine to all go for a uniform attack on his head on his mark. Next he rushed to puppy to make sure she was alright.

SilverSparks made a few strange hand symbols and suddenly acorn and Ryuu apeared and started a separate uniform attack silver sparks gave firefly a sharp glare this is my team alt get back into position. Puppy ran past him sorry dude I'd watch your back round him he's always hard on new reqruits.

Firefly grudgingly did what Silverspark said. He thought to himself, I'm not a fan of this guy. He flew to he top of a building and tried to get a good angle for his secret weapon he had been working on.

Puppy jumped forward toward the ocrapus's beak and pryed it open while partially moyphing her hands into large clawed hand paws. Shredder jumped next to her and helped her hold it open and Justine shouted CLEAR!

Firefly finally gets his secret weapon working. He pulls out a gun the size of an iPhone and aims it the octopus and, making fun of Justine says "CLEAR!!"! With a huge pop a small ray fires and turns the octopus into a frog. Firefly grins happily.

The arrow hist the frog and explodes right next to puppy and Shreddder giving them mild burn injuries and some ripped skin. Then the simulation ends. Puppy and Shredder hunch over a bit...."well I see your alternate better be thankfull that was a simulation or we would have been down for the count." Shredder said glaring at firefly..... Silversparks charged at him and crushed his weapon after throwing it to the ground..."YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ALL OF US IF THIS WASN"T A SIMULATION!" He then turned to puppy "KEEP YOUR SIDEKICK UNDERCONTROL FREAK!" Puppy lunged at him then shredder held her back..."It's not that bad." he said. Just then the overcom sounded ..

"Well I guess I screwed up bad huh" Firefly says to puppy. "I really thought it was a good idea at the time. Silverspark could have been a little nicer, I'm not sure I like that guy very much. Anyway, what's next on the schedule puppy? "

Puppy looked to SilverSparks and gave him a nasty gaze and pulled back her lips revealing her canines...."Can it Freak....Meeting in the module room in five minutes...I'd be there if I was you.. Ya dont want to end up in you know were again..." Puppy snorted... and he walked away. Dont let him give you any trouble kay?...Sorry bout the side kick line he knows were partners...we should really work on that." She said popping her knuckles.

It's cool. I'm going to go finish my Rocket. Screw the meeting. Once I get some respect maybe then I'll go.

Puppy gave a toothy grin and chuckled"Well after that simulation I probably shouldn't listen to you for a while but ticking off Silver sounds pretty fun right about now...Besides its not like they can send you to solitary confinment for blowing off a meeting..right?!?" FireFly turned his head and twerked his head to the side..."You were sent to solitary!!!!" Puppy jumped recalling what she said..."Ummmmmmmm Nooooo......ish".

Firefly decided he could fix his Rocket later and that it would be more fun to go fly in the Jets he finished last week. He called to Justine and asked her to come too. Once they got to the Hanger he set the Jets to Dogfight Training mode and jumped in. Said good luck and shooted out of the hanger bay doors.

Puppy jumped up and shifted into an HummingBird and flew alongside FireFly. Some Time had passed before Suddenly she said in a tiny highpitched voice."Wow look over there!" She gestured to the horizion where blood red smoke stretched across the sky she looked back..They could no longer see the B-4 Center...."We've never gone this far north we already passed the Concaves and the border mark....were in enemy lines...." She thought about it for a second then stopped...we'd better leave a marker...or we may not find our way back..."

Firefly didn't notice we were behind enemy lines, as he was having so much fun. He took a nose dive and at the last second came up behind Puppy, locked on and fired. A popup on puppys screen showed that she had been hit. Since this was training mode, her engine went out and she started to lose speed. Meanwhile at B-4 Acorn wondered where Puppy, Firefly and Justine were.

Puppys body shifted to her normal form before fallling out of the sky. She hit the ground and groaned before pulling herself under the cover of a fox burrow. While back at B-4 The Instructors had gathered. Spitfire hagged at The Ice Marshall..."THEY'VE BEEN GONE FOR ALMOST AN HOUR WE NEED TO SEND A PATROL!" He glanced back at her and gave her a sarcastic look..."Justine is with them they should be fine." GammaWave exchanged another glance with Canaviral ArmStrong. She looked to the others..."We've detected a signal...it appears to be an sos...from enemy lines. They may have been captured...we cannot breif the classified information until they have returned." SilverSparks laughed "She really did it this time I can't wait to see the punishme..." He was cut off by the Canaviral "As you know justine is with them...She is your TEAMMATE...."SilverSparks cringed at the word.....and The Canaviral continued."And since you are the leader of the team That makes it a double offense against your post and puts you at fault for any damages...You did know that Right?" SilverSparks gave a look of disbelief.."I HAVE TO GO AFTER THEM!!!" Spitfire chuckled "Think of it as a redo of your training excersize..she laughed again. SilverSparks felt his heart race...he could never do this alone.....could he? "If only puppy were hee... he cut the thought...If she were here there would be no problem...Ughhh he grunted before walking towards the doors then brutally slamming them behind him.

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