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Trueno La Gata Bruja / Thunder The Witch Cat by Hazel3

Trueno La Gata Bruja / Thunder The Witch Cat


¡Esta es mi carácter nueva! Su nombre es Truena, ella es una gata bruja muy valiente :3

I will be needing to practice my spanish more as I should hopefully be travelling alot next year! 💖 We're thinking early 2024 I could go abroad so here's to hoping I can finally start my dream! :D I love going to so many cool places and I hope to actually travel outside of scotland aswell! ^-^ I'll maybe travel around here and the rest of britain more when the summer comes again :3

Anyway, here is my new oc Thunder! Isn't she amazing? ^w^ She is a very pretty witch cat, but a daring one that is! >:3 Though I think her foolishness led to her having a scar and an ear notch, but at least she survived! She is one tough cookie ÙwÚ I have scars irl too, but not on my face like Thunder's, so I thought it would be nice to have an oc that has a bit of body positivity going on ^-^ Cos you can still be beautiful when you have scars, but they just show that you can be both beautiful and strong! 💪😉

Thunder will be in the new literature I'm working hard on. She is a lightning mage who uses self magic :3 I'll be busy and hard at work with the projects I'm working on. I'm hoping I can get all these projects done before my birthday ^w^ Anywho, enjoy my new character! :D She can also be without her mage outfit which you can find here!

Please do not steal my character(s)! They belong to me, not you.
Don't add offensive tags cos ya know, it's just unnecessary.. ­ ╮(╯-╰)╭
And please do not criticise! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
Oh and don't steal any of my artwork in any sort of way. ‾ʌ‾

Pleease be nice when commenting!
Yep, fanart is welcomed as I truly appreciate gifts! ≧◡≦
Feel free to check out my other works too! I work so hard but it's always fun :3

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
Thanks for checking out my works! meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ
I'm on other places too! ^-^

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    This turned out really cute from the original sketch you posted a little while ago! :D

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      huh? sketch? 0ω0; uuhh.. don't quite remember posting a sketch of her tbh... ^-^; but thank you :3

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        I thought you had posted the WIP of this not too long ago. The pose looks the same as a recent WIP! chuckle

        You’re welcome. :)

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          hmm I don't think I ever posted a wip of her before.. ^-^; unless you're thinking of the other version of her without her mage outfit, then that one wasn't really a "wip"... ^w^; It was just a finished pic of her, just what Thunder looks like casually when she isn't doing magic or taking part in the magic school

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            That might be it! I look at a lot of people's art every day and I thought I'd seen this pose and stuff before............I guess I just thought it was a WIP. I'm not used to the "versions" that people post of the same image. laughs

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              ohh, yeah she's actually suppose to have grey fur since it's not really a "wip" thing.. ^-^; most wips i share would normally be sketches anyway <:3 this one's just an outfit version of the original, though the quotation marks you put on versions confuses me, may i ask why that is? :o

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                Clothing versions. I see them mainly on ref sheets. Artists copy the pose with different outfits on it…..on many ref sheets. That’s usually when I see copied poses. :)

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                  ohh, I seen artists do character art with clothing versions without ref sheets, I knew a few people who did art like that and made alternative versions of the same art but with different clothes. non ref sheet clothed/unclothed versions of characters are actually pretty common in the art community, especially if the artist does adult content