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MISS NICKELODEON: Round 1-1: Becky vs. Valerie by HazardDan (critique requested)

MISS NICKELODEON: Round 1-1: Becky vs. Valerie (critique requested)


20 June 2013 at 00:49:17 MDT


Here we go! The Miss Nickelodeon challenge has officially begun! That's right, we're taking off Stage 1, Round 1 with the first two competitors on the board: Becky, the bank loan manager from TUFF Puppy and Valerie Gray, the ghost hunter from Danny Phantom.

So it is Round 1, but some of you are probably asking yourselves: "What is Stage 1?" well, Stage 1 is the "Standard Appeal" stage. During Stage 1, the competitors will show up in their standard looks- albeit, a bit modified by yours truly ;)- to showcase their likability bit their true design.

A bit on the contestants:

Becky is a loan manager from the First Petropolis Bank. She nearly became the victim of Bird Brain's Love Ray, until Dudley interfered and got hit with it instead. Oh, and... she's also Dudley's love interest.

(DISCLAIMER: If you have anything to say about Becky and "Kudley", PLEASE take it somewhere else! This is NOT, I repeat NOT the place to discuss such an "issue". Any votes based solely on that one thing will not count, and your comment will be hidden. I reiterate: no rabid shippers allowed. Thank you.)

Valerie Gray was a rich girl, who thanks to a series of disasters revolving around Danny and a stray ghost dog he found, made Valerie's father lose his job, and ruined Valerie's life. Valerie hunted ghosts, but more specifically Danny Phantom himself, as revenge for destroying their life. Oh! And she date Danny for a brief period of time. Hormones are a funny thing, huh?

Well, these are the candidates, so now it's your turn to tell me who you think should win.

Fun Fact: Both characters were voiced by Grey DeLisle.

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