Quite time by Happysorry

Quite time


3 June 2014 at 15:04:20 MDT

Gotta have that quiet time to eat something enjoyable.

Bonus: lil sis was like 'the picture doesn't make sense there's no sun'

This is for the auction taum kelseylou kelseylou <3 thank you so much I got one more painting for you in the works still

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    My favourite detail in this one is the way their hair (well, headfur... whatever) is just a bit more shaggy and unruly. :D

    Adorable work!

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      ahahah x//d i loved the idea of curly haired taum <3

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    Awwww...this is so sweet!

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    Oh wow this is beautiful <33
    I really love how you did the eyes on this one! They're stunningly blue! ♥ uvu/

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      alksjdiowa thank you so much x//d

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    SERIOUSLY WOMAN ugh if only i could steal you away to paint forever (totes not creepy, right? LOL)

    this is STUNNING and like Sadbloom said, those eyes are just stunning. i love this AND YOU so much ;v;

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      u/////u thank you so very much i'm super glad you like the paintings!! X//d

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    omggggggg this is totes adorbs!! i love that curly textured fur <333 its sooo cute hehee X3 i squee'd when i first saw this!

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      ahahha thank you X//d and ahahaha you mean on twitter with the big somewaht mad mooon? XD

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        Yes XD majoras mask reference! Funnily enough its perfect timing my friend and I are using majoras mask references constantly cuz comicon is this weekend Xd