Semi-sucessful vore artist that got started mostly on FA. I do digital art most of the time, though I do quite enjoy watercolor and guashe painting. I'm not incredibly social and tend to need a lot of time to myself, though I'm usually glued to the computer playing games, working on commissions or watching youtube. IRL I prefer to be alone, and hate conflict of any kind. Online I do enjoy talking to fans and strangers, and of course love every comment I manage to get (even if I forget to respond to most of them...)

Currently I am running my own patreon to pay for college dept and hopefully one day support myself only on art.
Please consider giving it a look if you have the time and want to help me outrun dept collectors.

I don't post here to weasyl a ton, but I'm trying to make sure I crosspost everywhere now that I'm out of school. If you want a commission please use google fourms to do so, over here:

You can view updated prices, TOS, and get yourself into the que.

For everything else, make sure to e-mail me at instead of private messaging me, as I don't tend to check those over multiple accounts.

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on 22 January 2014 at 22:50:09 MST

So here we are again - although the numbers don't look as promising I'm still posting up in hur in hopes that the community will expand and allow me to leave FA soonish. SO here's another warm hello!

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Paint (Digital)

Advanced Color
$ 100.00
Extra Characters beyond 2
$ 25.00
Full Color
$ 70.00
Vore Comic/Sequence
$ 150.00


B&W Comic
$ 40.00
B&W Sketches
$ 25.00
Color Sketches
$ 35.00
Extra Characters beyond 2
$ 10.00

If you have interest for a commission please fill out this form:

-- REMINDER: If you do not read the TOS YOU STILL AGREE TO IT. --
Ordering a commission counts as an agreement. Please read everything before you do.

Once again, DO NOT MESSAGE ME HERE about a commission. Fill out the form, or e-mail me at If you have questions about filling out the form, questions about your commission, or something of that nature. Use the e-mail.

Extra character rules:

  • Added cost only goes into effect for non-micro additions. Since micros tend to be less detailed. I won't charge for every single micro being squished or eaten.
  • Second character is not counted if said character is mostly covered up in a picture (i.e. has only their head sticking out of a pred's mouth etc.) if you think this applies to you, make sure to state so.

Trade Rules:

  • This is a no-brainer but I must actually like your art to get a trade from you. I won't go out of my way to request trades, but I do enjoy doing them.
  • I will not trade for anything but art.
  • If you are interested in starting a trade, provide me with a link to your gallery in your e-mail, and please don't take it personally if I say no. It could very well be just because I'm too busy.


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    I absolutely love your art ^^

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    Thanks for watching me! I appreciate it! :3

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