Sawk by Haan



6 February 2014 at 03:30:54 MST

These characters were made for an oct I'm currently partaking in(not as a contestant, though, but an "npc"). They were originally supposed to have only flat colours but... you know. Not painting things demands a LOT of willpower. :I

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    And then someone came and put her in a tiny ball, leaving her child to fend for itself!

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      Oh god, that's one of the worst things I could imagine happening to them. 8C
      But, luckily the characters are supposed to be from ~15.000 years ago so the worst that could happen was that someone came and
      Idk, slaughtered or kidnapped them on the spot. ...8D Ok that's even worse.
      Ah well, slavery's slavery whether you do the catching with a ball or a knife.

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        If I had to choose between slavery or death.. The odds you'd escape slavery and not just struggle the rest of your life and be looking over your shoulder? I think I'd prefer death, if anything out of spite because I don't want to make someone else's life easier through forced labor.

        I always thought that was weird about Pokemon, I mean I get the animals, but then stuff like the Sawk appeared and I was like "WTF, he looks like a person and we're gonna make him do glorified cockfights?"

        Either way, this is a really nice drawing, it has great textures and mood.

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          I'd be the unlucky death-fearing one who'd spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. :/ This also makes me think how many pokemon in the canon universe do/would flee their masters come the chance to. It seems to happen at least once per season and we see a couple of mons leave their trainer the moment their pokeballs are crushed in the mega mewtwo short so I'd guess it's really common. Not to mention that N, for example, takes care of mons who've been injured by their trainers. >_>

          And I just... can't think of sawks as the kind of creatures one should force to fight just to boost some snotty kid's overgrown ego. :I I feel like they're one of the mons that beg the question for where you draw the line between human and pokemon. I'd say humans are pokemon, too, since they seem to share a common ancestor with them(at least based on the Sinnoh folk lores etc). The only reason you can't catch a human in a pokeball is because they balls are coded not to.
          /sorry about the long post, I'm just really into this kind of discussion, haha :D

          Thank you so much! C:

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            No that's fine, I think it's an interesting discussion and I agree.
            People used to think black people were just monkeys that looked and sometimes acted like people, it's just hard to imagine that society can be so divorced from reality on such a scale that it enables something like slavery. I suppose money was a huge enabler, but how much money is involved in Pokemon tournaments? I mean, the current Olympics cost billions, with so much corruption and sponsors waltzing over the local populace and so forth.

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              I guess they just started using pokemon as their slaves before anyone ever thought about whether there's anything wrong with it or whether the pokemon think anything about it. :I And then they never really changed their ways because hey, this is a great sport that brings in money and all the mons ask from you in return is food and shelter.
              Personally, I think the tournaments seem like a good way to gain some money if you're a skilled trainer(at least if the amounts of money you receive from victories in-game are of any reference). The tournaments are a good way for the producers of healing items etc to make an enormous profit as well, so I'd guess they're a pretty big business in the pokeverse.
              I swear every time I talk about these things, the pokeverse turns just that much darker i my eyes. And I love it. >8)