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While I appreciate the sentiment, I ask people do not draw my characters without my permission.
I do not like surprises and have not given anyone permission to have my characters drawn; you cannot obtain permission via anyone but me directly. Thank you!



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Leaving Weasyl

As some people will know, I was suspended from Weasyl a few days back for "backseat modding".

For the people who don't follow my twitter; I had cut&pasted the part of the rules that say "no cub porn" to a guy who had uploaded 23 cub porn images to Weasyl! Before I did, I mailed Weasyl staff and told them about the cub porn gallery (since I didn't want to click through 23 cub porn images to report them individually) and didn't hear back from them. Like I hadn't heard back from them on several other similar e-mails I sent about accounts that were mostly or entirely comprised of content

The guy realized his mistake and removed the cub porn; no harassment, namecalling or drama.

The next day I was suspended for "backseat modding". Here's why that bothers me.

Weasyl has a decent number of mods and not that many uploads in a day. I know they're volunteers, but still can't think of a reason you can't have one [1] person glance through the new uploads once a day. These cub porn uploads were clearly tagged and said "cubs" on the thumbnail of the adult image uploads. There were 23 uploads in a single batch, how could that possibly fly under the radar if the mods were doing the bare minimum to enforce the rules?
In some instances I've felt ignored by Weasyl staff about reports about stolen artwork or screenshots, and in other instances I've felt like at least one of them had a grudge against me and nitpicked my uploads, especially the ratings, to where my images had higher ratings than submissions by other people even though the images had the exact same content.
But when I "backseat mod" I'm suddenly slapped with a suspension the very next day.

This is giving me unpleasant flashbacks to Fur Affinity. Except Weasyl doesn't have the traffic to off-set the unpleasantness of their staff. I didn't think Weasyl had the traffic that they could afford to alienate users with poor, inconsistent moderation. Much less the portion of their user base that creates original content. But here we are. If they delete this journal, and they might, we'll know they've gone full "FA lite".

I'm not sticking around to find out, so allow me to disseminate any necessary information before I skedaddle.

I commissioned you and had the piece in my collection, since you deleted your work here, can I upload it to my own account?

Yes you may.

Can I contact you somehow?

My Skype is thaily(underscore)brimstone; I don't mind chatting but if you're just going to send "hey" every so often and not carry a conversation, please don't. =_=

Where can I find you and your work?

So nice of you to ask, you can find me in the following places!
Clean art:
Social stuff and new art:
Furry tumblr:
Non-furry tumblr:
Fine art page:
Illustration & photography portfolio page:
Trying this one out:


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    Thank you for that picture you drew of my wolf, that was very kind of you. I hope you are doing well.

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      oh, this is thetundrawolf from fa. Sorry.

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    Thank you :)

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    Goodness, I wonder why I haven't checked out your gallery sooner. You've got some great work here, especially with all of your most recent stuff. Keep it up!

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      Aw, thank you. That means a lot coming from you!

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    Hey! Just wanted you to know I was just trying to understand the situation better but ya jumped down my throat about it.

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    AAaaaaah, your avatar, so cute!

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    Follow moved over (turns out I had you ★ed already). Thank you for being part of the solution.