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Dark Souls 2: A Vocal Unease by Guyver89

Dark Souls 2: A Vocal Unease


Gotta play this track to go with it ->

Had to do a drawing for Dark Souls 2, One location I absolutely loved was the Shrine of Amana, the strange uneasiness it pushes on you. You feel at peace with the milfanitos singing for the "little ones"(fireflies) the appearance of the place is also like Ash Lake so it seems like it could be the real surface of Dark Souls' world.

So somehow Sir Caudicus and Cover A Shadow of the East survive through the Dark Souls 1 and somehow got to Drangleic right when the Undead Curse began again and as the first flame dissipates yet again. My excuse is Dark Souls excuse... Timey wimey wibbley wobbley stuff.
Where is the Porcelain mask wearing Knightess... I have no clue!? Ask her yourself oh wait she be gone! Dark Souls Lore strategy! Make up your own theory!