Dark Souls: Dwindling Respite by Guyver89

Dark Souls: Dwindling Respite


9 April 2015 at 20:21:09 MDT

I've been hooked to Dark Souls and so have my best friends. We've been helping each other through out the game... Decided to draw our characters in their own respective gear. (Not a fan of putting armor of those we've slain, they have their own identity.)

I'm the strength and endurance (slight faith) build paladin named Sir Caudicus, originally sent by the Church to Lordran just like Paladin Leeroy centuries before but found himself giving in to the hollowing until he found a better purpose. He soon ran into the Shadow(ninja) from the East named Cover who had taken residence in BlightTown, he hired Cover to help him in his own mission. Cover is a vitality and endurance build who is all about stealth and backstabs. Finally the female knightess who was of the order of knights who descended from the Lord's Blades in honor of Ciaran one of Lord Gwyn's Four Knights.
She was wandering the Darkroot Forest in search for Ciaran's last resting place. 4 swords are better then 2 so she follows them in hope to find Ciaran's remains. Along the way they fight monstrosities and deities they never mean to mingle with.


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    I really like how expressive you made all three characters without having much in the way of (or any!) facial expressions. The lighting looks great, too, especially the glowing flower in the distance!