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Gamer Red Panda Painted by GuineaPigDan

Gamer Red Panda Painted


WIP sketches:

Earlier this month, I did a mushroom painting at a friend's house. The last time I painted was in a color and design class from 2009 or 2010, and I only posted one of my assignments. Doing this mushroom painting encouraged me to try painting again, and I decided to try a painting of one of my characters. Since I'm out of practice with painting, I decided to do something easy and paint my red panda James with a controller in his hands. I sketched and inked a drawing and then very carefully painted James, mixing different types of paint to get colors that I liked for his shorts, shirt, fur, and the color for the couch. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Next time I might try a more free form style painting without inked outlines and see how that looks.

The outlines were done with micron pens, and the paint used is a combination of watercolors, acrylic, and gouache on Bristol paper. I still had a few tubes of paint leftover from my color and design class, so I made good use of them here.

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