Sell me the infection by Grypwolf

Sell me the infection


24 May 2014 at 16:18:44 MDT

"only for the weak"

I felt like finishing one old sketch.
art (c) grypwolf

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    Gahhh omg!
    Dis.. Dis amazing.. ;-;
    The effort you put into your work really pays off in the end, and really shows the detail. It's just amazing.. !
    I missed your uploads, so this was great to see!

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      Aww sorry for uploading only now and then xD I am bad at being active on many sites at the same time :3

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    Neat colors, I love the way it's shaded, and I like the little highlights near the lines @o@ You put a lot of detail into it, really cool!

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      I love silly little details <3

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    In Flames.

    Good song.

    Used to listen to them before moving on to heavier stuff like Insomnium, Draconian etc.

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      Aaa I don't listen them that much but maybe I should they have few great songs :O

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    I am in love with this image, the colour pallet and the expression are stellar!

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      Yeah. I love blue hues too ;__; Thanks!

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