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Kind Of a Malady by Grypwolf

Kind Of a Malady


My first drawing made at my new house. \o/
New start at this house wasn't really pleasant since I was abed ( can you even say so??) for over 4 days because of very high fever and pain. I am quite sure it was Influenza of a sort. Anyhow I am fine now. Funny thing at that was that I didn't have rheum at all, nor sore throat. Only irritating pain all over my muscles and face, fever and now some dry coughing.

and of course, Mata visited me in my dreams but this time I didn't have to suffer anything (wohoo yay). I don't think he was in flames, but those black things emitting of his body were making sound of flames ... or campfire??? I dunno. I just know that I had this dream at the same time when my fever was going down already. Also he was sitting/running/ laying in empty space so I didn't feel like making any bg there just because there should be something -__-

Mata & art (c) Grypwolf

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    Wow! The leg bit is really unsettling, but in a good way. I can't stop staring!

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    Neeeaaaaaatoooooo.. :D

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    Interesting char! I liked this detail of the legs.

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    Oh wow I love the legs!

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    You always got such inspiring artwork man ;u; that shading and the muscles and anatomy. LOVE how you do glows, always jelly of that lol.