You seem to have stumbled across my page! Hello there, I'm GreenShoot, but you may call me Chloe! My username is the Greek Meaning of my real name! I am a huge lover of Egyptian Mythology and Fantasy Creatures. I also love animals and tribal things too. I love making friends so please don't hesitate to contact me!

A few things you may wish to know about me are that I've studied art in school and college, I also studied Animal Care and History in school too, I originally wanted to be an Egyptologist before I changed my career ideas to Art and I have a lot of animals! I also have two aggressive Lung Diseases which I have to take lots of medication for and I am in a wheel chair when it gets to much. Along with that I also have Arthritis, Dyspraxia, Depression and Anxiety! So I'm quite a package! So basically sorry if I'm ever snappy with you! I have a lot on my plate <3 Welcome to my page!

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Going To Try And Pop On Here More!

on 14 May 2014 at 20:28:18 MDT

You heard me! I'm going to try and come on here more ^_^ I've left DeviantART for a while. And I'm going to spend my time on FurAffinity, Here, and SoFurry. Just so I can still be involved in art sites whilst I'm sorting my life out :D

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    Hey you, how are you doing?

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    Hello how are you today sweetie? have nice night Xxx Maggie.

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      I'm not to bad thank you very much! ^_^ I did thank you! Hope you do too!