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Every Saturday Morning by GreenHamster

Every Saturday Morning


26 June 2021 at 08:29:49 MDT

I bet we all did this when we were kids: hear about a new episode of our favorite show, plan to get up early in the morning, rush out of bed, brush our teeth, rush to the TV, quickly turn it on (and in some cases change the channel), and be very excited about the show starting!

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    I realise that we have the internet and 24/7 cartoon channels now, but I miss sitting in front of the TV on Saturday (and Sunday)mornings with a bowl of cereal and watching Saturday (and Sunday)morning cartoons. Waiting for the commercials to run and make another bowl, then rushing back so as not to miss a single minute! Oh, I wish they'd bring back Saturday morning cartoons, but they dropped them for some foolish reason.

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      Yeah, I miss the good old days...

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    That was my childhood: waking up early Saturday morning so I could watch my favorite cartoons while eating either eggs and bacon or cereal, then going to the local shopping mall in the afternoon. I had a lot of favorite cartoons and live action shows I saw that particular morning. There's this meme over at DeviantArt where you could create your own Saturday morning program lineup if you had the power to bring back that tradition. If you'd like, I'll show it to you.

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    Thats so cute >w<