Toons in underwear by Goronic

Toons in underwear


14 January 2017 at 18:09:29 MST

I did a giveaway thing on twitter over the last couple of days, where people would send me their characters, and I would pick some to draw in silly underpants. Day 1 was briefs, and day 2 was boxer briefs.
I might do boxer shorts sometime in the future, but that's gonna be a while. I'm still a bit overwhelmed by all the reference sheets people sent me for the two rounds I already did. :P

Characters belong to:
@Pengicitis, @PandaPyre, @Dumbmongreldog, @toonclyde, @Xylious,
@Tanookers, @Sterling_Fox, @JaetheBunBun, @Kavaducky, and @LeChatChauve.

You can see at what point I got really warmed up and ready to draw, because the first ones are way sketchier than the last ones. oHo


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    I spy a Mongreldog! And Feather!

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      Yup yup. Cool people who volunteered their characters for my silly experiments. :>