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I'm Goron. I draw animals in underwear. I don't eat rocks.
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Tell me what to draw

on 9 December 2017 at 20:29:58 MST

Y'all may have noticed that I've uploaded a whole lot more in the past few days than I usually do, and that most of 'em are requests. I tend to get a severe art block around this time of year, so I'm trying to prevent it by drawing as much as possible. I want suggestions that are specific enough that I can form a clear idea of what to draw, but also vague enough that I can interpret it any way I want.

Does that make sense?

Like, "draw a kangaroo" is too vague. It doesn't give me anything to work with. "Draw a pink kangaroo in his underwear" still doesn't give me much, but it gives me more ideas. "Draw my pink kangaroo character riding a chainsaw-wielding t-rex into battle against cyborg zombies on the moon, and every character involved is wearing an aussieBum 'Riot' jockstrap" may be totally awesome, but it's way too much information. I'll spend so much time trying to match the description that I don't have room to have fun. :c

Does that make sense? I think that makes sense.

Just give me your ideas, and maybe I'll draw some of 'em.

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    If you’re interested, I would love to commission you!

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      Maybe someday. I don't really have time for commissions much lately. Nowadays they're just closed off to a small handful of friends who don't mind if I take 6 months to finish a small doodle. Sorry. :<

      *replies 20,000 years too late because I'm horrible :D*

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    Goronic rhymes with...

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      Yes it does. It's a fairly good description of me. uwu

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        it was a joke, don't get so hard on yourself!

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          I'm not. I'm just being a butt. :P