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on 12 November 2015 at 03:46:36 MST


so, i just finished an artdump equating to nearly all of my work over the past two years. this was partly to fill out my gallery and partly to show everybody that yes, in fact, i still do art! (for those of you watching me, i think i managed to hit the "don't notify followers" button enough times that you shouldn't have TOO much spam in your inboxes! sorry to everyone trying to keep an eye on the front page through all that oTL)

so, with that done, i'd better get right on to making a proper introduction. my name is xandr, though you can call me bug or something else - i don't mind. i'm trying to get my username changed to goodmode to match the rest of my art accounts, so you can call me that too!

i'm into furries, dc comics, transformers, kirby, pokemon, and a whole lot of other things besides - fanart comprises of like 90% of my gallery, but i do original stuff too!

i'm 22 years old, my pronouns are they/them, and i currently reside in the UK in a little town somewhere in wales.

i take commissions and this part is in bold because right now i'm kind of really in need of the money! it looks a lot like i'll be going into an overdraft for rent this december, and obviously since i want to go home and see my family, that's not ideal. so although i won't push it too much, i'd really, really love to do commissions for you if you like my art.

anyway, it's good to be back on weasyl. feel free to get in touch, even if it's just to say hi! :^)

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digital art
£ 9.00
£ 8.00
£ 5.00

i’ll sketch your character doing whatever! this is pretty straightforward. you can specify whether you want it sketched in irl pencil or digitally! i don’t mind doing either, whichever you prefer. add £1 for each extra character in the scene

i will do you a pretty, pretty full-colour piece! add £2 for each extra character in the scene

price negotiable depending on whether you just want a small object, or a minor animation, etc.. all these will be fully coloured. this also goes for furcadia patches, in case you frequent the same wacky furry mmo as i do. i can’t do entire avatar patches tho haha

if you want me to do something for you that isn't listed here, please don't be shy about getting in touch! maybe we can work something out. :^)

NOTES!!! i draw humans, furries, ponies, robots, and pretty much anything. for an extra £2 i will consider doing nsfw - i'm not super comfy with it yet but that's not a definite nope.

See this Tumblr post for more information.


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      you're welcome! :^)

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    I love your style!

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      woah thank you so much!! :'^)

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    Eyyyyy thankis for the favv yo <3

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      you're welcome! :^)