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Some apologies

on 17 November 2016 at 12:37:04 MST

I'm not dead but I haven't been actively drawing or checking here at all for like... pretty much a month now.

Not to go into my life story but I'm pretty sure I've been in the worst state of depression I've ever been in a decade. It honestly didn't start just this month I've been slowly descending into it for about... almost 2 years now ._.;. Thing is given politics and general chaos it basically pushed it from minor existential nihilism to absolute lack of desire to do anything at all.

I'm slowly recovering from that now and hope this weekend to maybe draw a few faster pieces and just let the progress I had on a bigger piece slide. I rather produce SOMETHING soon to show I am not dead than push myself to do something big when I'm not emotionally invested in art so I can't keep much focus on bigger more detailed things.

Notably if this continues the date of expected release of my sci fi webcomic may have to be pushed to "early to mid 2018" rather than mid to late 2017 which was the original projected date. I tried the route of just pushing myself and it kinda blew up in my face so I have to accept this is going to being an ongoing issue. I need to just let myself draw whatever and let my comic idea come when its ready.


PS: I mostly nuked my messages here HOWEVER I did leave about 20 of the almost 200 image submission for later. I'm kinda sleep deprived and zonked on at the moment but I'll try real hard to comment on your lovely art ASAP.

PPS: As noted I'm literally high on nerve meds right now so I have no idea how legible any of this is. I hope it makes sense!

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    Happy 30th birthday, G! Just like last year, I hope it turns out great.

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      Thank you :D It was a pretty nice day even though nothing much happened all day lol.

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        Well, I'm glad it was relaxing for you. Getting a chance to stare into space is nice. :)

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    I have a legit question regarding Entirety...what kind of voices to each of the races have? (Like tone, accent if any, little speaking quirks) I'm just curious, i find the whole world really interesting!

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      Oh goodness sorry for taking almost a week to reply ;A;. I would need some spare time to write that down because there's quite a few people species that can verbally vocalize. That said I WILL make time for it this coming weekend if I can! Maybe if I'm lucky I'll even have time before that, who knows :)

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      Appologies for taking so long to get around to this I promise I absolutely didn't forget I just got busy with other things! Here's a link to my side tumblr with a post describing the each species' voice at best I could:

      Hope this is helpful because I'm not exactly the best with describing things in text form, I placed a lot of links to youtube on it (which hopefully will work and direct correctly, if they don't I'll fix them) so that may assist with the descriptions being legible.

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        Ohhhh! A lot of them sound way different than I expected. 0w0 Neat! The Kisob'ae voice example cracked me up. XD

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          lol, glad that amused you :) Anyway happy I could help give some insight to what they all sound like.