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Btw I'm back on Furaffinity

on 19 July 2017 at 21:12:25 MDT

I'm a big goof and totally forgot to mention that when I rejoined a week and a half ago.

Here's the link!

Just 2 little factoids about it: it won't be used for general art like I do here, this account will be specifically for like things I feel would appeal more to furries. Second thing to note is I will be using it to post adult art. Not just artistic nude like the drawing of Cressel I did a while back, like there may be actual porn posted there. Originally I was going to use a secondary twitter for this kinda purpose but it was really inconvenient. Since some FA accounts can't be viewed without being logged into the site I figured may as well 2 birds 1 stone the situation.

So that's all I have to say!

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    Happy 30th birthday, G! Just like last year, I hope it turns out great.

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      Thank you :D It was a pretty nice day even though nothing much happened all day lol.

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        Well, I'm glad it was relaxing for you. Getting a chance to stare into space is nice. :)

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    I have a legit question regarding Entirety...what kind of voices to each of the races have? (Like tone, accent if any, little speaking quirks) I'm just curious, i find the whole world really interesting!

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      Oh goodness sorry for taking almost a week to reply ;A;. I would need some spare time to write that down because there's quite a few people species that can verbally vocalize. That said I WILL make time for it this coming weekend if I can! Maybe if I'm lucky I'll even have time before that, who knows :)

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      Appologies for taking so long to get around to this I promise I absolutely didn't forget I just got busy with other things! Here's a link to my side tumblr with a post describing the each species' voice at best I could:

      Hope this is helpful because I'm not exactly the best with describing things in text form, I placed a lot of links to youtube on it (which hopefully will work and direct correctly, if they don't I'll fix them) so that may assist with the descriptions being legible.

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        Ohhhh! A lot of them sound way different than I expected. 0w0 Neat! The Kisob'ae voice example cracked me up. XD

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          lol, glad that amused you :) Anyway happy I could help give some insight to what they all sound like.