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'Timesplitters: Future Perfect' Injector Pistol by Gliz Caldo

'Timesplitters: Future Perfect' Injector Pistol

Gliz Caldo

The Injector is a pistol that fires darts, weighing a light weight of two pounds including the CO2 canister. It fires darts using the CO2, making the shots silent. The gun is used as a means of making injections easier, even to those who are squeamish to needles, because the darts cannot be seen inside of the gun. The darts themselves are small, but carry powerful sedatives or other chemicals used for injections.

Name: Injector Pistol

SPR: 1

Damage: 1D4 (Regular Dart)

BR: 30

Ammunition: Darts

Malfunction Number: 100

Cost: $20,000

Note: Comes with a fresh CO2 canister, requires darts separate from purchase. Top rail mounts included for scopes or other attachments.

Darts, Chemicals and Co2

Name: Regular Darts

Damage: 1D4

Description: Regular darts with no special chemicals or qualities.

Cost: $25 (10 Darts)

Name: Lightweight Thin Darts

Damage: 1D4

Description: Lighter darts that are thinner, longer, and glide through the air. Adding +10 BR to the Injector Pistol.

Cost: $50 (10 Darts)

Name: Heavy Darts

Damage: 1D6

Description: Heavier and larger darts that are thicker. Cause more damage and inject more chemicals into subject. X2 chemical effectiveness, and -25 BR.

Cost: $50 ( 5 Darts)

Name: Sedative Chemicals

Damage: Nonlethal.

Description: Chemical that causes subject to sleep in a number of rounds according to their AC.

Cost: $100 ( Can coat 25 darts )

Name: Lethal Injection

Damage: 1D10 Poison Damage for 1D10 rounds.

Description: Chemical that causes subject termination.

Cost: $250 ( Can coat 10 darts)

Name: Numb Sedative

Damage: Nonlethal.

Description: Chemical that causes numbness and reduces subject's speed to half for 1D10 rounds.

Cost: $200 (Can coat 15 darts)

Name: Platypus Venom

Damage: Nonexistent

Description: Chemical found in the Platypus, causes nonexistent pain as it makes subject's nerves to be highly sensitive and send signals to the brain that they are in great pain. Once injected the subject has to fight pain according to their CON checks, and lasts for 1D6 rounds. If failed a CON check, subject can't do anything.

Cost: Illegal. If Law Service finds this on your person, instant trip to jail. Unless you are a certified Military Doctor and have a special license to extract Platypus venom.

Name: Stat Sedative

Damage: 1/2 Stat Reduction

Description: Reduce's subject's STR, INT, DEX, CON, and CHA stats by half and lasts for 1D4 rounds. However chemicals do not mix and dilludes themselves into water. If subject is injected by another Stat Sedative, the previous sedative ceases.

Cost: 300$ (Can coat 4 darts )

Name: Regular CO2 / Regular Long

Effect: Pushes darts out of Injector. / Pushes darts out of Injector, but it is longer and heavier adding two pounds to the gun.

Description: Regular Co2

Cost: $100 (2 Canisters, one lasts for fifty shots) / 200 (2 Long Canisters, one lasts for a hundred shots.

Name: High Pressure CO2 / Long High Pressure

Effect: Pushes darts out of Injector at a high pressure and speed. +10 to BR and upgrades damage by one dice type. ( D2 -> D3 ->D4 -> D6 -> D8 -> D10 -> D12 -> D20 -> Etc. ) However heavier, three pounds per canister. / Long Versions adds six pounds to canister.

Description: CO2 highly pressurized inside this canister, when release it shoots out at skin-tearing velocity.

Cost: $500 single canister that lasts for fifty shots. / $1,000 Long version tjat lasts for a hundred shots.

Using the Injector

-In old narrator voice for amusement- Using the Injector Pistol you will need the pistol, a canister, darts, and a chemical. Following the description of the pistol, canister, darts and chemical you can make different uses of the Injector pistol. Other attachments like a X2 scope may change the effectiveness of the Injector Pistol in combat. The Injector Pistol can give you and your team mates and edge into battle, like making your enemies fall asleep or giving them a pain that makes them scream 'Uncle!'. First thing you must do is have a hold of your Injector Pistol, and then you load a Co2 canister below the barrel of the Injector Pistol, with a new type of loading system you don't have to twist the canister. Also it is airtight so you won't hear a hiss. Just pull the canister down and pull it off to the left to remove a canister. Do the same thing in reverse to add a new canister. Once your canister is in place you pull back on the knob in the back to load your dart. However loading regular darts will just hurt and cause minimal bleeding to your target. So firing regular darts makes you look like a pansy. So dip that little needle in sedative and load it in. Remember firearm training? You better! Shoot it at a enemy with the sedative dart and he will eventually go to sleep. From there you can kill him easy or check his pockets for loose change. Remember, you can only shoot one dart at a time, and the barrel is only meant to hold one so don't you dare try to load two, you numbskull. This concludes how to operate the Injector Pistol tutorial, be sure to report to your overload Doctor for further instructions in your training session.

Timesplitters Future Perfect Injector Pistol came form the game Timesplitters Future Perfect as the name does state it has came form the game Timesplitters Future Perfect, if you had missed that I had said Timesplitters Future Perfect, here it is again: The Timesplitters Future Perfect Injecto Pistol came from the game Timesplitters Future Perfect, which has came from EA games by Radical Freeware Design.

Art is by me, Gliz_Caldo

Stats are based off of the Cthulhu Now firearm rules.

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