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Thompson M1928 by Gliz Caldo

Thompson M1928

Gliz Caldo

The Thompson M1928 A1 is a variation of the Thompson. This variation has a built-in wooden foregrip, ambidextrous charging handle, and a barrel rigged barrel. The Thompson is an American .45 caliber machine gun. In stereotype it is seen in movies, cartoons, and games that the Mafia are equipped with these guns and have a drum magazine placed.

Name: Thompson M1928 A1

SPR: 2

Damage: 1D12 (.45)

BR: 35

Ammunition: .45

Malfunction Number: 96

Cost: $5,000

Note: Comes with standard Thompson standard 30 round magazine upon purchase. +1 to Base Attack Bonus from foregrip.


Name: Low-Cap Thompson

Capacity: 15 (.45)

Description:Low-Capacity Magazines do more than just carry less ammunition. They lower the weight on you (This magazine is 0.5 LB ) and it is is the most cheapest magazine on the market to buy for your gun. So you can have plenty of magazines and reload in battle plenty of times before you have to re-load the magazine.

Cost: $50

Name: Standard Thompson Magazine

Capacity: 30 (.45)

Description: Standard magazines come with the gun at purchase, because any merchant who sells you a gun without the magazine is probably a scammer or gave you an upgraded gun. The magazines are heavier than the low-cap ( This magazine is 1 LB ) but last longer.

Cost: $100

Name: Hi-Cap Thompson Magazine

Capacity: 100 (.45)

Description: High capacity magazines hold more rounds than the standard. They may last longer than the standard, but they are heavier ( This magazine is 1.5 LB ). This magazine is old Chicago style, drum shaped.

Cost: $200

Name: Drum Thompson Magazine

Capacity: 200 (.45)

Description: Drum Magazines hold the most rounds you can have for detachable box magazines and they are heavy ( This magazine is 6 pounds). Though they have a long use and heavy, they are idea for heavy gunners and thus they give +1 to SPR

Cost: $400

Art by Gliz_Caldo

Information based off of the Cthulhu Now firearm rules.

Other Information founded by research.

Look at previous guns to understand SPR, BR, and attachments.

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