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Hiya im Glitterbaby not gonna say my real name here im not comfotable with that >_<

Im 23 and Bisexual and Im Happily Taken by a loving wolf AxelRod21 on FA. Anyhoo im currently going to school hopefully afterwards i'll be getting job and driving soon who knows

Um like i said you can call me either Glitter No baby though ok that makes me uncomfortable >_<;

im mainly a furry artist but i am trying to branch out to different things like just drawing animals or half human kinds that way i can kinda get my human faces down abit there and im trying to work on my chibi works as well so you might see some of those as well ^^

-my boyfriend



-dancing (well i cant dance anymore thanks to my bad knee but i love to see people dance)

-cooking (trying to learn more)



-her family (sometimes)

-video games



-extreme heat

-people who can't drive correctly
-rude people

-gross things

Im still very new here since I keep forgetting I have an account here sometimes XD so bare with me while im trying to get settled here still ^^;;;

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On the 13th through the 16th I’m going to be at Disneyland for a much needed vacation since I need some time to relax peacefully from college and have fun while I still can before I graduate from college and start my internship and won’t be able to fully be myself again. x.x

So yeah Im going to be gone then and possibly after the vacation because shortly after that like in three days after im back home, Im going to be back at college most of the week you can see what classes I have in my October quarter in my journal header above. So im not sure how often Im going to be online here anymore...

I may check in every now and then to see whats going on with everyone if not going to be either too tried or distracted.

Im going to be very busy and not around for a while Those of you who have my number or facebook who want to check up on me during the time, Im back In college on the 20th of this month to make sure Im ok go ahead and do it I'll try my best to reply back quickly.

Thats all I can think of, oh and I'll try to post some pics from the trip once Im back home on that friday or Saturday.

~ your very excited for her vacation kitty artist Glitterbaby Kitty

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