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Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Glebglub but call me GG (she/her)

I'm an artist from Russia who likes to draw furries
Currently I'm broke as fuck so please consider taking a commission
If you can't find something you would like to buy note me and we can talk about prices

If you like what I do please consider supporting me on ko-fi:


Fur Affinity


All flat colors sketch

Only simple backgrounds Half 15$, +7$ for additional character Full 25$, +12$ for additional character
from $ 15.00
to $ 37.00

Full color

Any backgrounds 20$,+10$ for additional character 30$,+15$ for additional character +5$ for complicated or stylized backgrounds
from $ 20.00
to $ 35.00


Complicated or simple backgrounds 20$, -5$ for simple background(one or two colors)
from $ 15.00
to $ 20.00

One flat color sketch

Only simple backgrounds Half 10$, +5$ for additional character Full 20$, +10$ for additional character
from $ 10.00
to $ 30.00


Reference sheet, 35$ for back and front poses of your character and some details on the sheet
from $ 35.00
to $ 35.00

By purchasing a commission from me, you are indicating that you've read Terms of Service and agree with them.

I retain the right to decline a commission in case commissioner doesn't follow T.O.S. or if I personally don't feel comfortable taking it.

I retain the right to stop working on an order in case commissioner violates this terms.


what I DO draw:

Any species.
Any gender.
Characters of any sexual orientation.
Not extreme fetishes(you can ask for details).

what I DON'T draw:

Underage characters in sexual situations.
Extreme fetishes(please ask if you're not sure I don't know all of them).
Copyrighted characters or any kind of fanart unless there's a proof creators are okay with it.
Extreme violence.
Complicated machinery of any kind(I can do a gun but not a mecha).


Only PayPal.
Only in USD.
I don't do any kind of refunds.
Payment must be done after the sketch I sent you.
Only 100% payment(I will not continue working before receiving full payment).
Payment must be done within 48 hours.
Simple backgrounds are always FREE (no color, one or two colors, gradient, etc).

Work process

You provide me with a character reference or pictures.
After I agreed to take your commission I will draw a concept sketch and show it to you.
I will do only a few edits and I will ask for additional fee if you would like to change the whole picture so make sure to be clear with your descriptions.
After that the payment must be done otherwise I won't continue working on commission.
If the sketch was rejected I reserve the right to keep it, modify and use it as I want.
While working I will send you wips of work so we could work on small details.
Once I'm finished I will send you the full-size image and web size image, as a downloadable link.


You can use the artwork in any non-commercial manner(use as icon, banner or print the full resolution image for private use, etc.)
I reserve the rights to use the final image. Credits for your character always will be in description unless you don't want to.
Do not remove my signature from the picture.
When reposting my artwork always credit/link back to my account.
If you don't want to keep commission private note me beforehand, saying what you don't want me to do.

Lead time

two to three weeks depending on type of picture.
I will let you know if due to some problems it might take more time(tablet broke, pc problems, etc)


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