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Happy Birthday (to me) !

So I just got older not so long ago (the 13th of this month ... well, check the date of this journal to get which one is it, even if I know I could simply say it already and that it would even take less characters than this long line already :D).
Things didn't really go as expected mainly because I got some kind of food poisoning before I could do anything special about that day. Nothing that too bad, it just delayed stuffs for a few days and probably will be done during the current weekend.

By the time I got some nice wishes from people and even if I didn't really thank them personally, I just want to thank them again here because I appreciate the simple and friendly words they gave me for the occasion.

I also took the other occasion it was Kinies' birthday just before mine to have a picture with different persons that means a lot to me. It's currently on twitter though I may submit it here too in a slightly better quality than on twitter (mainly because the microblogging site is using JPEG with a 85% compression or requires PNG to be very small to stay as PNG). Anyway.
The drawing is not finished but I still really wanted to use Kinies and my own birthdays to show it already, and thanks to Shadowpencil it was possible in a short range of time while still looking quite nice ! I'll add more info' with the submission in my gallery over here.

Other than that, I'm still slowly rebuilding and recoding my website, taking as long as planned for now and still without a single date for whenever it'll be finally on. Not like I think there is any hype about, of course, but if ever anybody is interested then you know it's not any soon that it'll be up :P
I hope for September at very best but it's probably gonna be not before 2020 I think. I may try to have some early access for people interested whenever there is anything to see (kinda like beta-testing it).
I'm still learning new things about coding as I'm going further with that personal project, trying to set more things to be used in the future and such ... well, like any webproject I guess.

That's all for now, I'll try to have a new update during this summer and why not some pic' to post here :)

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    How have you been doing Gigi?

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    good pics you have

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    BOOPS with Boobs

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    Hello Gigi!

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    Happy B-Day love, hope it turns out better <3

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    Happy Birthday Gigi!

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    Hey there! I'm glad I found you here. I hope you're doing here.

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    Havnt really heard much from you for the latter half of this month Gigi, wondering how the ratties, and of course, you are doing