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Happy Birthday (to me) !

So I just got older not so long ago (the 13th of this month ... well, check the date of this journal to get which one is it, even if I know I could simply say it already and that it would even take less characters than this long line already :D). Things didn't really go as expected mainly because I…

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What's new since last time -early 2019 edition- ?

Just like most of my journals, I'm gonna start with "it's been a while since my last journal". Still a little less than a year (10 months ...), yet so much has happened even if this so much is particulary boring and certainly not interesting. On the few ones that may be a little more interesting th…

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Many things to say, but a problem to fix first

Edit : As I announced and also planned, refunds are currently being done. So to whoever sent me some help, you may get it back soon hopefully ^^ Thank you very much for your help as it did HELP me a lot, you can be sure of that !! Edit : Well, that was covered very fast and that's why I've removed…

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What's new ? 3 : Never two without three ... or not

So what happened since last time ? Well, it feels that I've been heard more or less as March hasn't tried to "kill" me like January or February seems to have intended to. Sure, March is not over yet but so far, there is no medical stuff putting health to severe issues like it has been the case twic…

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What's new ? 2 : I know what you got some years ago

No originality with the title (not sure if any will notice a failing try with slasher movie), mainly because it's going to be about a similar topic than the previous journal I did not so long ago. So 2017 started with me losing the use of my left eye but this morning (Wednesday), an "hint" threw me…

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What's new ?

Not sure where to start since the last journal is quite old, but I think I'm just gonna focus on the very last important event that happened to me, despite I said I would not really say anything about it in my last submission here. Not because I did not want to but because I think it's not interest…