The Vanguard by Ghostbear

The Vanguard


16 November 2017 at 14:09:01 MST

The Vanguard is a close-combat specialist, trained in the use of nearly every short and med-range weapon in existence.
However it's the use of his biotic abilities, that makes this warrior a real powerhouse on the battlefield.
Zooming around the battlefield with his Biotic Charge, knocking enemies back, then finishing them off with a close range weapon blast or even better, with a Biotic Nova.
Employing some support powers like Biotic Pull to rip away a Guardian's shield or ammo powers, the Vanguard's high risk - high reward combat style is a force to be reckoned with.
Especially when backed up by a loyal ally and when the warrior is one of the highly trained N7 soldiers of the Systems Alliance Navy.
And it's a thing of beauty, a deadly dance of power.

Oooooor it would be... would said Vanguard not be a diaper-clad 7-year old little bearkitty cub in some, more cute than fierce, Mass Effect N7 clothes, fitting basecap, a modified NERF gun and some cute Crinklz to keep him safe during playtime.
And of course his best plushie friend Sammy to back him up.

Sooo... I guess I am one of those Cliche Babyfurs now. With a second Marci Badge and a "no pants" version at that ^.^' But it's cute, dynamic and energetic. And Mass Effect. So sue me... :P
Adorable art by  MarciMcAdam
Thank you very much! ;)


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    I love it, he always looks so cute in that jacket and Sammy adds to it so much!