Enjoying the season by Ghostbear

Enjoying the season


16 November 2017 at 14:08:21 MST

Enjoying the fall season with a big mug of hot chocolate, comfy clothing and the best plushy friend... what's not to love about it.
Feeling the warmth of the hot and sugary liquid with the mug, spreading through the paws, warming the little bearkitty cub right up :3
I mean... fluffy, soft and warm fur will keep Sascha warm anyway, but a sweet hot beverage will also drive away any type of feeling cold inside.
And what cub could resist hot cocoa? Certainly not him ^.^'

Done as an adorable stream commission by the friendly and talented yuppup
Thank you very much, it was really awesome seeing it drawn in the stream. :3


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    A great way to spend the day!