N7 Bear Squad by Ghostbear

N7 Bear Squad


16 June 2017 at 02:25:47 MDT

Locked & Loaded, Amps checked, Omni tools ready...
This little squad of highly trained N7 operatives are absolutely ready for battle.
Or was it ... a squad of little bear cubs ready for their play pretend as N7 Wannabe-warriors.
I can never remember... XD
But whatever the truth is ... I'm very sure those 3 ursines will have an awesome day, full of adventures, teamwork and fresh air. ^.^
And with Sammy as our secret ace up the sleeve ... nobody can beat us!

Thank you so very much to   pandr who commissioned this awesome picture from  tavimunk and was so kind and generous to include both Max and me into the picture.
We're all three huge Mass Effect Fans, so he decided to get us all together for a cool Mass Effect themed babyfur/littlefur picture.
Thaaaaankies, little dude!

So here we have:
Pandr ->  pandr
Max ->   axthecub
Sascha and Sammy ->   ghostbear ghostbear
Artwork ->   tavimunk



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